Licensing on your own website?

Greetings everyone! Good monday for y’ll :smiley:

As I am preparing to open back up with my store, I have a question in regards to licensing on your own website. Possibly this is directed to shop owners, but if you’re selling a respective product on CM, how you go about licensing the product on your own website/web store? Do you use the same license of CM, or is that prohibited to do, or do you make a custom license? And if so, how you prevent confusion, if you do use a different license of a product that is sold on CM + Your own store?


Hi there,
I had a store (a scrapbooking one) for many years with lots and lots of designers. Anyone had her own license which made it nearly impossible to advertise properly and to get a proper customer support.
My advice would be to make the same license CM has - with your own wording of course but the same. These guys know what they do and you don’t want to work against but with them. I wish my designers would have done that - then I guess we’d still work all together and I won’t have a store on my own now.

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Thank you for the insight Monja. It does makes sense from what you wrote/experienced, by running your own digital asset platform.

You are welcome :slight_smile: If you have any further questions please let me know