Licensing for app use

I have a question about licensing.
A customer wants to purchase one of my products (a moodboard mockup/scene creator) to use in an app they’re creating. From what I understand, the app users will be able to use the assets included in the mockup kit and add their designs in the blank shapes and create compositions. A bit like Canva I think?

I was wondering how licensing would work in a situation like this - what I told the customer is that if the users are able to edit the individual mockup elements, it would be similar to using the mockup in Photoshop, which means they would need their own license seat/copy of the product itself (not sure if I’m correct though). From what I understand, with CM licensing, the end project shouldn’t be editable by the clients or users.
The customer has contacted CM support who told them that the Extended License didn’t cover this use.

I’m trying to find a solution or arrangement so I was wondering if some of you guys have suggestions or have experience in licensing products for app use, and what I should tell the customer etc.
Thanks a lot!

This sounds a bit like a „Design on demand“ license. I had a case where I needed this kind of license. They said I should contact for custom licenses.

They can make a custom license for your shop available.

I hope this helps!