Licenses section is updated anyone seen that?


Today I was reading trend blog on creative market and I go through one of product and I seen that no personal license option??and based on shop update same on personal license option and now I go with my products no personal license option is there as first view but it’s available in more option…

Even I am designer then also this kind of effect for first visual (like where is personal license, is it removed or what) then what impact with buyers side!!

“(Because Human catch visual first rather than reading text)”

So what your thought on it??


I think it’s good for my niche (product mockup creation) cause lot of customers don’t understand meaning of Personal Use license, and just buying cheapest option, and using it in commercial way. But I believe it’s a bit not so good for those, who sells items like Resume Templates, which mainly are for Personal Use.
So, I think it needs to be discussed.


@pred_artem Yes totally agree with you for mockup Creator this is useful and prevent from selling with personal license which reduce those type of people who spent less and do selling.

And this may increase your revenue also because if they see commercial license as first option they prefer it :sweat_smile:


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@ana.yvy oh that already a topic…thanks for sharing

Sorry for creating again here…

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