License confusion for print on demand

Hello! The commercial license on products used for print on demand mentions x number of products for sale but the license info for print on demand use under the support page mentions end product sales.

Trying to understand the difference between commercial and extended commercial license, does 5000 for commercial and 250,000 reference number of sales or number of individual/unique products created TO sell?

Here’s the link to the license info on the support page:

Here’s an example of the commercial license on an actual product on

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Hey @erikkhill as far as I’ve understood the license terms here the 5000 end products relates to units sold. So customers can sell up to 5000 units collectively that makes use of the resource they bought and use on their end products.

Hope that helps!


I think the confusion here is print on demand sellers are just reselling content because of the wording. Its not making it specific that you have to create a new design with the stuff you bought. The difference between commercial and extended is the amount of volume you sell, are you going to sell more than 5,000 units then you need the extended version.

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