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Hi Everyone.
While the world is going through a health pandemic, digital product design is going through a piracy pandemic. Never before has piracy of digital products been so extreme. It’s become a huge financial and emotion stress on lots of us. With the big marketplaces unable to help we are teaming up together to fight this!
@Glanz and i have started an open facebook group which contains:

  1. A master document: This is a list of pirate sites and how to get your work taken down from them, (contact emails, webhosts etc.) Everyone can add their experiences which will save us all lots of time by pooling our resources.

2: Info on DMCA takedowns and the process

  1. An open place to discuss new techniques to stop piracy

We would love everyone to join who suffers from the same problem.
Here is the link:



Thanks so much Tom @NewTropical really appreciate the effort you’ve put in.

I hope you’ll all join us! If we can all support each other and share/pool our info and resources we’ll have a better chance of fighting this. Any and all ideas, resources, tips etc welcome!


Hi Tom @NewTropical and @Glanz that is such a great initiative. Thank you for that. We will contribute as good as we can. We noticed that is stealing fonts and publishing them under “free for personal use”. It is such a headache and completely illegal.

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Sorry to hear that! Please add them to the master file on FB group and any relevant info regarding successful takedowns etc. Thank you so much! Hopefully a DMCA will get them removed.

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I dont use facebook :frowning:

have you guys watched my video I teach you all the tricks on how to get stuff removed and even how to find people who are hiding behind anominty hosts.

THANK YOU! Got so many of my listings taken down with a simple but threatening email.

Thanks @photohacklovers i will add a link to the video.

Thank you Tom @NewTropical for your input. I just added some more links + details.
How many sites I need to send reports… so much work to do, but we should let them fill as they may to do everything they want.

Just a thought: it might be better to keep the Facebook group closed or even private. I could easily see people using this master list as a way to find new places to download pirated stuff… It could still happen in a closed or private group, but it wouldn’t be quite as easy for people to get to.


From watching my video? that’s great!

Thanks so much. Just joined.