Issue with SVG fonts in font preview

Hey @drew.coffman - am I going crazy or is this happening to every SVG font listed on Creative Market? If you scroll down this listing here you will see every font that is an SVG (color font) the kerning and letter placement is destroyed! Every single one of those fonts are perfectly kerned, with the letters in the right places, but the previews make them look awful! Its the same on all my individual font listings (I became aware of this problem when updating this font here and the worst part is - its destroyed the kerning and letter placement in the normal OTF file in this file too! I’ve checked the font files 100 times and reuploaded them so many times and it doesn’t fix it.) Is this a bug on CM? Can anyone please help?


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@drew.coffman Any reply? I checked and other designers SVG fonts have the same bug in the previews. It makes the fonts look awful!

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Oh this is may be due to there svg setting because it’s for may font seller…

This kind of preview may be impact to selling also…

Thank you for making focus on this kind of things.