Is there a way to delete negative comments?

I had a question for the Creative Market Product Team, is there a way to delete negative comments from our product pages? It just seems so unnecessary for other people to see comments from other people who want attention. If this person had messaged me separately and asked about the product I would have tried to help them. But it would just make it worse if I respond to the thread. It really seems like an immature comment. Let me know if there is a way to do this!



sometimes they complain the file doesn’t work or can’t be downloaded, even though after checking, the error is on their computer, and they’ve already had a bad review without deleting or correcting their comments,
I have experienced this many times…

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@thegypsygoddess . If you can show that the comment is unjust and it’s due to user error + you have tried to reach out to help, The CM support team will probably delete it for you.

Hi there Creative Market,

There’s really no rhyme or reason for the comment, just someone who wants attention. It’s not a comment I would engage with. I’ve been super helpful to anybody that messages me for any of my products.
This comment is just rude and I don’t appreciate it. I put the best energy into providing customers solid products that I have put time and energy to create. My product isn’t even expensive. So to me, this comment is just negative and doesn’t make any sense. If I could get it taken done, that would be great. Thanks.


Looks like someone is trying to get a discount. Your product looks like a great value to me. :heart: :clap:

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Creative market is really good about this and if you put in a support request they will remove issues involving complaints that have nothing to do with your product, I had some individual become so upset because I made brushes that mimicked polocks style of painting and he stated that it was illegal to do so and how dare I think I could make anything that would even compare to pollock. Never mind dozens of shop owners have created countless of master painters brushes as recreations on here and all are artist are way past any sort of copy rights infringement and have long been in the public domain. Some people are just negative in general and I love how creativemarket creates a safe space for artist free from abuse, verbal abuse and stereotyping. They have zero policy for this. I would definitely reach out.

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Thank you so much for your response! It’s great that we have such a supportive community here. I think we can all agree here that we make digital design assets to make creating art easier for other people. I actually commented back and killed them with kindness and offered a coupon code on my personal website. :laughing:

This negative comment STUPIDITY happened many times to me. Every time I contacted support. First time they rejected to delete and 2nd time they accepted. That buyer told “Did not Work…” How it is possible, a 5 star product will not work at all and a seller will display it in the store. I have given excellent tutorials also.

Looks like someone is trying to get a discount.