Is selling digital patterns made with CM clipart allowed?


I have some customers that buy my clipart here and then use it to make a seamless digital pattern for sale. I understand that under the license you cannot resell a CM stock asset (even modified) as another stock asset. Are patterns considered a stock asset?

So am I correct that it is not allowed to sell digital patterns that contain clipart purchased here?

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Yeah!! Pattern Consider a stock assets (for example pattern are sell on shutterstock, adobe stock, vector stock which use to apply for product in general)

I think clipart use for end product is good under commercial license but at another side selling pattern also under commercial use so still I also want to now about it.

Hey @hayley.patten , I looked at CMs licensing agreements for both commercial and extended commercial and from what I understand, you can’t use the graphics to make patterns for sale. The licensing agreements for both licenses state that “Any use that allows anyone other than the Licensee, such as an end user, to customize a digital or physical end product is prohibited, whether for Commercial use or Non-commercial use.” Based on this, I don’t think you would be able to use the graphics to make patterns for sale because they usually sell the original Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, etc. files to be edited. Also, if you think about it, someone who is selling patterns of your graphics is pretty much selling your graphics organized differently so they are directly competing with you. The only way I can see it being ok for your customers to use your graphics on patterns is if your customer puts the pattern on a product such as fabric and then sells the fabric.