Is my portfolio enough for opening shop on Creative Market?

Hi, Could you please let me know, is this portfolio enough for getting a shop on creative market.

  1. pixel_theorem - Portfolio | GraphicRiver

If not, what should I do? How many products should I need to aim for, before applying? Please suggest…

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i had about 10 products in my portfolio. your portfolio is a little more corporate than what sells best on creative market. my advice if you are looking to open a new shop is to identity some holes that can be filled in creative marketers product catolouge and make 2 or 3 of those. then when you apply mention that the have a lack of X (the product you identified and made) and you are looking to fill that space.

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Oh mate that’s an amazing idea. I will have to research about that. Thanks


I got rejected of my last submit after I am waitlisted and updated my portfolio. If you don’t mind could you tell me what’s lack or mistake of my portfolio? Thank you, I will be happy If you could give me some advice :slight_smile:

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@hishandstudio2 Your work is amazing!

Thank you very much :slight_smile: do you have any advice for me about my portfolio?

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I think required to build trust that your product is likable by audience

@hishandstudio2 Your portflio looks really good as far as the quality of work is concerned. It is also very much on trend for what fonts are selling on creative market. My one thing I can think of as to why you got waitlisted would be that your products are not very unique. they look like everything else that shops that are already well established are selling. trying to put myself in the place of a CM team member who approves shops I might think…

“yes the quality is super high, but we already have products that look just like this from shops with large audiences who sell a lot of products. so these might just be totally overshadowed”
try to do a little more research and find a gap that needs to be filled, something that will fit the trend but is not offered by any other (or very few other) shops.

I could be wrong but I am just trying to imagine why you would be waitlisted with such high-quality products.

Thank you for your advice, really appreciate it :slight_smile:

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Yes it makes sense, I confused what should I do before and I don’t know the mistake of my portfolio because they didn’t give feed back. Maybe I will try your advice. Thank you for your advice and feed back… hopefully you are always great and healthily :slight_smile: