Is it safe to use copyrighted images in a collage set?

@drew.coffman Sadly, all of us here don’t seem to know 100% how to do it right and I think it’s a shame that no one from CM is telling us whether it is allowed to resell images in assets without permission of the owner/creator or model rights. Or which modifications must be done and how ?

I was wondering if we can sell images with labels, I’m really sure we cannot take an image of coca cola bottle or can, is,t it? but I think I saw somewhere here a cutout hennessy bottle…
I also want to know how to make collages legal
@drew.coffman wouldnt you make some FAQ about licenses

Hey @Khushbugohil thank you for tagging me. Sorry I’m loaded with work so I couldn’t find the time to answer earlier.
Here is the thing: I’m not a lawyer and I don’t have insight into international law.
I act based on my knowledge, my experiences and the things I heard or read about this topic.
I personally recommend to check general law in your country, the licenses these platforms offer and (this is my personal view on that) maybe try to put yourself into the shoes of one of the photographers.

This way you can follow your own decision on an objective and subjective base.

Hope this helps! Ana


@ana.yvy Thank you to give a time for answer :blush:

Photographer collabration may be a good point.

Let’s see!

@Khushbugohil Okay, as far as I can see, the best thing to do is, if you want to sell a product like Collage Creator is to use images that you have taken yourself and not to use any images from Platforms like Unsplash etc. or photos that have been published by photographers and magazines. Some of the Collage Creators that are offered here are quite obviously not a good example for making own products and we have no guideline here at Creative Market, such as Adobe Stock has for example.


@beehousestudio self photography collection is good option.:+1:

They should not have been hand picked in my opinion but to Creative markets defense they dont assume images arent the sellers how would they know? The content is illegal technically but unless the owners of those photographs come after the seller creativemarket is not liable. We know that those photos belong to people on deviant art and unsplash but were not legally permitted to complain. As long as the owner of those photos never reports it the seller can sell it. Copyright issues arent automatically enforced. Creativemarket isnt liable nor can they get in the middle. Thats between the seller and the copyright holder. Creative market is innocent in these types of things.


@photohacklovers Yeah that also possible

To be on the safe side, I decided not to design and sell any Collage Creator for now. I will focus on other products, that really feels more safe to me.


its not about being a lawyer, its common sense you cant sell someone else photos or art without permission. Also every photo you download from unsplash is 72 DPI its not high res, you cannot take a 72 dpi photo and turn it into a high res one not without distorting it. So its also deceptive that those sets are being labeled as high res and they absolutely are not. This is also why we cant have nice things. As soon as unsplash finds out that the photos are being resold they might not be free anymore. Thats what happened to deviant art. You used to be able to find many free assets until people on etsy started re-selling them for profit.


If an image is copyrighted you can’t use it, its essentially as simple as that. Unless you get express permission from the copyright owner. There are of course some copyrights that allow for modifications etc, so you really need to check the license. But for the most part copyright means no. I really don’t know how so many get away with it, or why so many platforms don’t seem to do anything about it …granted, policing the amount of work getting uploaded would be an astronomical task!

@photohacklovers and @Sofydoll_Designs That 150 years, and 70 in some countries is a bit of a misnomer, as you also need to be careful that a reprint or republication hasn’t been made and the artwork covered under copyright in it.

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