Is it ok to ask write the review?


I am on the creative market long time and of course, I have sales every month but 0 reviews. I thought maybe I will put the note file where I will say thank you for the purchase and ask to write the review if she/he is happy with the purchase. Is this possible? Thanks

Unfortunately reviews are rather rare on CM. I’ve always considered offering a free product for a review but not sure what the T & C’s with that is. Asking can never hurt.

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Thanks for your unswer

@GeorgeKhelashvili reviews are somewhat rare. I have tried all kinds of things, asking in messages of customers, having the after purchase message asking for a review but nothing has really worked. the only thing that has worked for me so far was being selected for a free good. it got like 50,000 downloads and like 15 reviews. Fortunately, reviews are not a factor in the ranking algorythm. they are only there for social proof and peace of mind for customers. So I Wouldn’t worry so much about getting reviews.


thank you for the advice, in this case, I will not worry about too

Hi @GeorgeKhelashvili :slight_smile:

I would totally use the option to leave a short note! I mean, why not?

There is also an option inside of your settings tab which is called “Shop Info”. There you will find an option to leave a short information for your customers when they purchase something in your shop. It’s “Message” just below “Shop Name”.

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Thank you Ana, I will check☺️

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