Increasing traffic to your shop

I have been thinking about this lately because I know a lot of shops have been talking about there traffic being down so it might be helpful if shop owners gave some insight on how they generate traffic to their shop. What has been your most successful strategy to getting traffic to your shop?

I’ll go first. I definitely would say that being chosen as a free good was the greatest boost in traffic to my shop, however, it’s hard to get picked regularly so it’s not a realistic way to get consistent traffic. Second to offering a free good, sharing my posts to group boards on Pinterest/creating my own group boards has helped a lot also.


I am thinking about starting to try pintreset but have no idea how to go about it. Other than that I agree with @KMcCormackDesigns getting a free good gave me waaaaaay more eyeballs than anything else.

We were using social media to boost our traffic on CM. At the beginning it was a little struggle but we posted some freebies and tried to keep up the engagement rate to keep the traffic consistent.

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Love this idea of sharing our tips to get more traffic! I think it’s normal that we all have traffic slumps, but it’s not impossible to get out of them.

What usually helps me the most when traffic is low is to create new products. I know it’s not easy to find the motivation when you feel nobody is interested in your products, but it definitely helps!
I always check out what’s popular in my niche, which products rank high (=what people are actually searching for and buying) and I try to anticipate upcoming trends to be ahead of the competition.

You basically just need one product that hits the nerve of the current demand to turn it around. Don’t give up!


Pinterest does wonders for me! My friends always make me break it down for them so here is a copy paste version haha:

  1. Make themed boards of your most used themes (e.g. Dark & Moody, Retro & Groovy, etc)
  2. pin directly from your CM shop & other places into the appropriate boards (e.g. so your 70s looking font would go into the Retro & Groovy board etc)
  3. Now pin other things into the board - but make it look like your client’s moodboard; if they’re looking for 70s things, add some patterns, maybe interiors, etc)
  4. Make colour palette pins from your products (super popular pins that will get you more traffic)
  5. Be consistent, add new pins to your boards every day or so!

Basically what you are doing is making sure your product comes up when something in the similar theme comes up and hopefully, shows up in front of the right set of eyes.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:


Ya, free goods are crazy for traffic. Pinterest is interesting because you’re not necessarily just posting your stuff, but it’s worth a try.

Hey @A-Studio, great tips. What social media site would you say has brought you the most traffic?

@angelainthefields This is so helpful. I love the idea of theme boards and am definitely going to try and implement that. Thanks for the advice.


@angelainthefields that is super helpful. thanks.

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Thanks! How do I create a free good?

Hey @rachelmcbrideart, unfortunately you can’t just offer a free good on Creative Market. So every Monday Creative Market will send you an email with free goods of the week. If your product gets chosen to be a free good for that week it can seriously boost your sales. To submit your product to be a free good, click on the little shop icon at the top of Creative Market and then click on products. Under the graph of your product sales and above the list of all your products you will see a button that says “offer a free good.” Something to note about free goods is that it takes a while until you are selected as a free good. It took me over a year before one of my products was selected so don’t give up. You can find more info about it here: The Shop Owner's Guide to Free Goods – How can we help?
I hope this helps.

Thank you so much! This helped a ton.

Hello to all creative people!

That is the problem, Creative Market has not selected my product as free not once over the past year. He offered all sorts of goods: single, sets. I did not offer bundles. 6 times were refused.
I advertise my store: Pinterest, Behance, Dribbble, Facebook (I created a page of the same name), Linkedin. And a few more Russian-language portfolio sites, because I’m from Ukraine.
And the traffic only drops, sales are minimal. In all fairness on Design Bundles, these same items are selling much better. In my store, there are mostly characters, on the Creative Market, they don’t buy characters at all, they take psychedelic posters, textures, posters and backgrounds with space. Yes, I had to mix different products to make sales, I would not want to open a second store.
These are the things, good luck and big sales to everyone!


I have been selected twice for free goods over the past 3 months. my best advice would be to save a screenshot of all the free goods that have been offered over the past month. see what type of products they are, (fonts, textures, graphics packs, brushes) and also pay attention to the thumbnails for the free goods. what are the layouts, colors, wording, etc. then create a product that you feel would fit in well. If you do all that and your products get refused resubmit them. I have had a product refused then I resubmitted the same product and it was selected. @AndreyKENO

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@ThatThatCreative Thanks for the advice, I will try.

We were only using Instagram so far. We thought about using Facebook and stuff but we thought it would be easier to use Instagram at the beginning. It is easier to “get noticed” on IG with that kind of freebies we used.

Edit: If you got an business acc. on Ig you can even see some easy analytics data which is really useful for further marketing purposes.

@mysocialboutique How you find upcoming upcoming Trend,what people search and want? Is there any tool for it or just manual by Pinterest search …

@Khushbugohil You could use keyword tools, do keyword research on Pinterest and/or Google. On CM, you can look into the Staff Picks to see what’s trending. I also try to stay on top of what’s happening in my niche, e.g. on Instagram or TikTok, there you can usually see quickly which kind of content/products people are looking for.

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@mysocialboutique Thank you!!

I am always checking out the staff picks and what is most popular on CM then figuring out how I can fit that to my style. I have found that nothing beats getting that staff pick on CM. @Khushbugohil