Incosistency of search results

Hi, when I try to search for specific product using search tool - it shows me results I don’t even need.

Like for example: When I type in “Spices Mockup” - I have a lot of non-related items on my search result page, like “Iphone Mockups”, “Stickers Mockup”, “Insta-Frame Mockup” etc. There’re also spices mockups, but these non-related products are just distract me from my search.

Also same thing I see at the bottom of Product Page where “You May Also Like” (YMAL in further mentions) section is - there’s nothing like I really need. For example I’m looking for same “Spices Mockup” and I found this Spices Jar Mockup | Creative Photoshop Templates ~ Creative Market , when I scroll down to YMAL section I expect to see similar products. But there’s nothing related to what I’m looking for. In fact - there’s a lot of similar products I can see throught the marketplace, so why you didn’t show them in that YMAL section?