Important licensing updates for fonts

Shop Owners,

You asked, and we listened! We’re always working hard to make sure our marketplace is the best place for you to sell your products, and we want to inform you of some exciting updates we’ve recently made to improve our font category. These changes align our licensing with industry standards and, most importantly, help you to earn more as a Shop Owner on Creative Market.

Here’s what you need to know about the latest changes:

  • New font licenses: We’ve revisited our font licenses to protect more value for sellers like you, and align closer to industry standards. The language has been tightened, but the allowances are mostly unchanged, with one notable exception: we no longer explicitly allow broadcast use under our Desktop license.
  • Update to webfont pricing tiers: We have revised the pricing for our webfont tiers to better align the value earned with the pageviews allotted. To take advantage of this new pricing, make sure you are opted-in to webfont licensing, and update your base webfont price. Your new prices will now auto-populate!
  • Removed unlimited webfont tier: In addition to new pricing, we have eliminated the unlimited pageview tier for webfonts.
  • Enterprise opportunity: Our new Enterprise team is working hard to bring in more earnings for you. The recent changes to our licenses and prices will increase your online earnings, while also empowering our Enterprise team to pursue more value on your behalf.

We hope these updates make a valuable difference to how you sell your font products here on Creative Market. Please refer to our new font licenses for more information.


I would like to do a video on the before and after of the licensing so people can understand in lament terms can you email me a copy of the old version drew?

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