I'm very afraid for the reason of negative balance of my store

i’m very afraid for the reason of negative balance of my store balance.

When i see the sale section, one customer refunded my product but when i tried to browse the customer profile, the profile doesn’t exist.

My question is : is their any problem for getting negative balance? This month i have no sell for this reason my balance is negative.

Please someone suggest me.

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hey @hexastyle , please contact our Support team to get help with this :slight_smile:


@hexastyle I also had a sale refunded and when I went to search the buyers profile, it was gone. As it was explained in the refund section, it was due to a fraudulent charge (which I assume means a stolen card was used) - so perhaps it was C.M. who deleted the fraud account.

I also assume the person who used the stolen card was still able to download my product, so the ‘damage’ was already done. Now I’m not overly concerned with one person getting away with this, But I have to consider the possibility that these fraudsters do this to sell on pirated sites. Though I have been unable to confirm that as of yet, I’ve been keeping my eye out.

As @drew.coffman said, you can contact them regarding any further issues on this, just wanted to let you know you’re not alone.


I had a refund as well with the profile gone so I assume it was a fraud purchase?

This is a problem for me too. I’ve contacted customer support twice without resolution or explanation. Both of the conversations are marked “solved”. I never received an answer.