I would love some critique on my store

Hey everyone!

I’ve been putting out a lot of products recently that just aren’t getting the attention I would like. I’m following the trends, showing my products with high-quality mockups, and marketing on Pinterest but nothing seems to be working. I would love some feedback on my store or general advice to see if I’m doing something wrong as I’m feeling pretty defeated.


Thank you so much!


I just sent you a message, I would love to hop on a call and see if I can’t help out a bit

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Hi @katierosedesigns - don’t be discouraged. I think your products look good (and on par to other, similar products on C.M.) I think sales are down for many sellers here right now.

For example, I only opened a my shop on C.M. (and another marketplace) this summer. I did pretty well on C.M. until early August but after that, not so much. Even the new products I’ve put up since then haven’t sold very well (or at all) and yet on the other marketplace, I’ve gotten fairly steady sales on them. It’s not huge sales, but not bad for being a new shop that’s still growing (I’ve also gotten in a few featured product emails so I’m sure that’s helped).

So my suggestion is, if you’re not already doing this, I would open some additional shops on a few other marketplaces. This way you can see how you’re doing across the board and make tweaks if/where you need to.

Also @ThatThatCreative can be very helpful in this regard so good to get some input from him as he has experience.

Good luck!

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Hey Katie! Your products look good! Keep going, sometimes it can take a bit.
Besides that I would recommend to check your preview image communication: The logo creator kit & template could be misleadingly understood as layout templates or social media templates at first sight. The surreal pack could also be misunderstood as a font. I recommend make it easier for your target group to understand your products quicker and see the use case on the preview image clearer. But these are only my two cents to that. I wish you a lot of success and keep going! No one knows the perfect formula from the very beginning, You will get a feeling for the right workflow and presentation as time goes by :slight_smile: been there :wink:



That’s wonderful advice, thank you so much!!