I Want to Open Shop on Creative Market

I am gdrony, a Professional Brand identity designer, and I have 10+ years of graphic design experience and I have a 1K + design portfolio on the microstock site.
I’ll send an invite 2time Open Shop request to Creative Marteam but I can not get any result, now I try to 3time Open Shop request but I can’t do the course when I try to open shop request the page 404 not fund showing to me, Now I request to the creative market team please approve my account give a chance to me, Thank you.

My stock portfolio:
freepik com/gdrony

behance net/gdrony
dribbble com/gdrony

My creative market User name: gdrony
Thank you.

@gdrony Wait sometimes 1-2 days after reapply for Store :blush: May be you found page