I want to open a shop, do you have advices?

Hi everyone,

I’m new here^_^

I have an Etsy shop and I would like to also open a Creative Market shop. I have already request an invite but I do not have a portfolio because I sell Lightroom presets (I have send them my instagram account)

They respond me this " Thank you for your interest in Creative Market and for taking the time to apply to open a shop! We see some very interesting and original ideas in your portfolio, but we’d like to see more examples of your work before deciding if you’re right for our marketplace.

Currently we receive too many submissions with similar styles to those in your portfolio. In an overly saturated area of the marketplace, you’re unlikely to find much success. While we think you have great talent, we’d love to see your original ideas come through, which will help you grow your following here on Creative Market.

We want to set each and every seller up for success, and we want the same for you! Please take some time, and when you have more examples in your portfolio, get back to us. For the best results, we recommend showing completed products that you intend to sell on the marketplace.

When you’re ready, please resubmit your shop request by filling out the form again here.

Please keep in mind that, for security reasons, we can’t visit online drive links, click shortened links (e.g., bit.ly) or download .zip files or other attachments.

The Creative Market Team"

Do you have some advices?

Thank you so much for your help and your time :cherry_blossom:

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Hey Lydia!

Just to make sure I got you right: You already have an Etsy shop but you’ve sent your Instagram page instead? Or does your Etsy shop has nothing to do with your Lightroom business?
As the CM response said: “…but we’d like to see more examples of your work before deciding if you’re right for our marketplace.
Now it’s up to you to show your Lr filters in action. You could for example make a Bechance Portfolio where you show before and after results and refer these to your Instagram shop (?). Or - and this seems to be the easiest way for you - open a Etsy shop with your Lr filters and send this as a reference.

Good luck!


Hello Lydia!

As @ana.yvy said Behance and befor after effects for Le filter that agree with and as well good to open etsy shop or you can try gumroad where you can sell and provide different license as well.

Best to check Or representations on Creative market other creator products so you can get idea about which type of preview images and how preset in one product can represent.

For ex. If you your preset travel related then you can add some more idea for customers to get insight and seems useful if travel agency can thinking to buy your products because they provide memory using your present more Creatively and run fruitful their business (if Commercial use you are targeting)

Your thoughts also welcome :blush:as I also learning!!


Hi Lydia,

The first time I applied to open a store on C.M., I was also denied. I went back to the drawing board (no pun intended) and spent months creating more products, researched a lot and really upped my game on how I presented them. I also created my website/shop so was able to showcase my products. I applied a second time and got accepted but I’m always trying to up my game. As Khushbugohil said, we are all still learning. So don’t be discouraged!

Sounds like C.M. may want to see how you are marketing your products (ie; your presentation images). I could be wrong but how you present them is very important and could help you stand out from the competition (hence, more sales). Research what others are doing in terms of how they present similar items. You don’t have to copy them, but it can really inspire ideas for you.

Good luck in your endeavors, I’m sure you’ll get a shop on C.M soon!


Thank you so much for all your advices, it really encourage me to do my best :blush: I will first open a behance and see what is happening

I’m still learning everyday, I hope I will be on this platform soon :cherry_blossom:

You are so kind community thank you so much and please be safe everyone :two_hearts:

Was going to echo what @ana.yvy said about Behance. Take some extra time to show your work there. I’d recommend browsing how products are presented here on CM and taking some pointers or inspiration to better prepare yourself.

Good luck and all the best!

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Thank you so much for your advices Jess, you have all lovely shops :blush: :two_hearts:

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everything enough. my comment just, welcome to creative market :smiley:

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