I want to know how to increase sales?

As far as I understand from the writings of many, the main image of a product has to be very nice, with your product to be different from everyone else, I try to make all my products in that way. I basically work with lightroom presets. Can anyone advise me on how I can improve my products?

My shop https://creativemarket.com/hexastyle

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There is a number of things that could help you maybes - here’s a list of some I reckon could give you a boost:

  1. Work on your images - it helps if it all looks super cohesive (so the first images for example are all the same format, have writing in the same place, etc). I even update my images every once in a whole so they are not outdated.
  2. Work up a bigger library of products: this just means keep working at it, because a lot of customers will click on your profile and browse what you have - the more you have, the bigger chance it is that they might buy something
  3. Trends! Have a look on CM and other websites what might be a good trend to jump onto (e.g. right now everyone is raving about retro looks - I myself even bought a number of film camera style presets in the past couple of weeks)
  4. Marketing - I’ve heard presets do well on Pinterest, so maybe make sure you pin every image onto your (appropriate style) boards as well. IG is also very good these days if you manage to use your presets to show how they work in a reel.

Hope this is any help :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your suggestions!