I stopped receiving email notifications / CM newsletter

Hi guys. I don’t if it’s just me… About a month ago I stopped receiving CM newsletter emails, and I mean by that all messages about new and trending products. I’ve got all the checkboxes marked in my account settings. It’s happening to me a second or third time. Last time it happened maybe two years ago or so, it lasted a couple of weeks or months and came back to normal. But it’s pretty annoying that I can’t do anything about it and switch it on again

As a CM author, I really need these emails to stay informed about things happening on the market and to see if my products get featured or not, etc…

I even tried to set another account on CM just to receive these emails, but it seems that it’s not working on the separate account as well.

Does anyone have the same problem?


Hey @GraphicGoods , sorry to hear that! Have you sent a message to our Support team? If you do they’ll be happy to troubleshoot this and see what the issue is.

Hi @GraphicGoods - I wanted to let you know that it’s not just you! I have had the same issue where I didn’t receive any promotional newsletters for three weeks. I did contact support and they were able to fix the issue on their end. As they said “there was something odd with your account regarding emails in our backend system.” So, as Drew mentioned, I would also suggest reaching out to them.

Hi, @BasiaStryjecka @drew.coffman. Thanks for your replies! I haven’t contacted the support team yet but I’ll take your advice and I’ll do that.

Same here! In contact with Support at the moment, but something’s stil not working. I’m just curious did CM changed something in their emails at that point, since several people are having problems?

Me too! I was wondering if it was just me!

@JulieSm @sceptical_cactus Yeah, it’s a weird issue but the support team did manage to fix it in my case, so hopefully, they’ll manage to help you as well.

Everything was decided, that’s fine fellows