I love CM but we need to look at these stats

I love creative market, it’s my full time job. This is why it hurts me to see it loosing steam as a marketplace.
Let’s take a look at the stats.
Facebook: Creative market has 354 000 followers but when they make a post the average engagement is around 3 likes! Rarely do they even get a comment!
Instagram: 189 000 followers. Average post likes is around 180 likes and about 5 comments.
Now this is beyond bad. Something around 0.001% engagement and less for facebook.

Trust Pilot: Trust ranking - Poor. 58% of reviews give it the worst possible score!

When you google Creative Market, google suggest this below.

Now this is bad publicity on an extreme level!

I’m sure we gave an extra 10% of our sales to help with marketing? I could fix most of these problems in 1 hour per day but they don’t seem to be fixed.

My purpose of this post is not to bad mouth creative market. It is the best selling platform around and i love it. That is why i worry when i see stats like this.
What do you think @drew.coffman .What can we do as sellers to help get it going in the right direction? For one, we could all go to trust pilot and leave a good review. That could fix that pretty quickly. I have already left one. I’m bringing lots of affiliate sales every day with new users to the marketplace but i can’t do it on my own! Drew, could you please show the current CEO this and see what they think?
Of course the current piracy epidemic is also a factor in this and us sellers can’t stop it on our own!

Let’s all be respectful in our comments here as CM makes us $$$ and we should always be grateful for this.


Hello! Creative Market is one of the first sites on which I already had sales in the first months, this was last year.
I was very glad, because my expectations were justified, but starting from January of this year, sales fell, in April, bugs appeared on the site in general, I’m not talking about sales, there are just a few of them, and let me not be told about trends, in others places my goods, all are sold. I started making bundles, sets, and reducing prices. Mixed groceries in the store, psychedelics, cartoons and digital paper. No one responded to the request to open a second store to separate products.

So what kind of feedback should I leave? Technical support only promises to fix bugs, it’s already 3 months, there are no sales, what will you offer me?


I reviewed on trust pilot as encourage by @NewTropical

I think seller can improve that by giving reviews… this type of scenario occurred when positive experience person didn’t give their thoughts.

I tried :slight_smile:


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Hey Tom!

Thanks for your post! It’s really interesting to hear these perspectives from shop owners like you, and I wanted to address some of the things you’re bringing up.

First, social media: If you take a look at our social media accounts, you may notice that we’re actively in the middle of revamping these spaces and increasing engagement on all possible fronts. Scroll back far enough on our Instagram and you’ll see a much different aesthetic. We’ve been working on building out new campaigns centered around different engagement tactics — giveaways, Q&As, and more. Expect to see a lot more of that in the coming months!

As far as TrustPilot is concerned, we LOVE it when shop owners take the time to give Creative Market positive reviews on the site! As you can imagine, most review-based websites are typically only used by those who’ve had negative experiences — this is pretty much the truth across the board for marketplaces like ours. In our research talking with customers, we’ve not seen these sites being a major decision maker when they’re purchasing (do you personally check out sites like Trust Pilot before shopping? I don’t!) but the more positivity we can create, the better!

Our team is dedicated to making Creative Market a thriving (and growing!) space for shop owners like you, and I look forward to reading more comments!


Just checked Trust Pilot and there is about 100 ish reviews only!
Does this affect traffic in any way? I am aware of TP but no idea how many people actually check it… either way this is easily fixable, if we get a couple of sellers and some buyers to leave the review it’s sure to swing it towards a higher score?

@drew.coffman @angelainthefields , the reason i was aware of the trust pilot reviews was that i received 3 different emails in the last few months asking to buy my fonts directly from me because they didn’t trust Creative market. 2 of them referred to trust pilot as the reason behind the distrust.
I’m sure lots of people don’t actively look up trust pilot but if you google “creative market review” it sends your straight there and it’s not good reading! As you can see in my screenshot in the original post, Google is telling people that creative market is a scam without having to go to the trust pilot website. This is super worrying! Of course that is not an accurate representation of CM reviews but thats what google tells people. We all know it’s a great site but newcomers don’t know this.

It’s good to hear that the socials are getting some re-working as they desperately need it.

I think all shop owners would love to see some analytics from CM showing growth on the site as i hear from my fellow shop owners that the opposite is the majority’s perspective.



Indeed, this is very sad to see what’s happening and thanks Tom for raising this. I was as silent as the grave until now, but your post convinced me that I cannot be indifferent as to how the things are going.

First - the shop traffic is dead, and I know It’s not just me. Almost each single week you can see people asking what happened with the sales. And it’s not one time incident when something is not selling for one week. Now it looks like a bad trend! Also for me (and I’m selling here since April 2013!) an entire May was a disaster. Can you believe that with 100+ products from a very popular categories in my shop and a $1-2K income in best months in history I had only 8(!) sales in May? Traffic is almost gone comparing to the beginning of 2021 and it looks like it’s going to be even worse! Just two numbers: almost 2K views in Jan 2021 and 1090 views in May 2021… It’s 50% less… June will be not better at all. Guys, what’s happening?!

Second - sorry, but I really don’t understand what’s happening with a new products newsletter which comes out on Wed. The stuff there is so weird, niche (in a bad way) and unpopular lately. I remember the newsletters back from 2019, 2020 and everything there was WOW! You wanted to buy everything at once and was looking at each single product there like at the masterpiece. Now, in many cases (not saying all of the items are crummy, no no) I’m so confused and don’t understand what and why you’re promoting. You can say: “OK, this is your opinion, the items we’re promoting there becomes very popular, trendy etc. etc.”. But that’s not true - please check many, many of these products few days/weeks later: they have 20-30 likes, no comments and surely poor sales (no sales?). This is trendy? Promising? And really these 15 items are the best to promote while there are thousands of new products each single week here? It’s wasted potential of the newsletter.

Third - @drew.coffman I’m really disappointed with your answer regarding what Tom said about the Trust Pilot reviews. Even if people are not making their buying decisions based on it (but they are, after all, what Tom just proved), it doesn’t matter to you Guys that people are saying you’re running a scam site and cheating people? I cannot believe that.

Fourth - Drew, even with your answer regarding the social media engagement I still cannot understand the thing. Numbers are numbers - there is no engagement on CM accounts! I remember you told about an additional 10% commission from the shop owners and a marketing it will be spent on. But now it’s even worse than before. So how it’s working?

Same as Tom from @NewTropical - I love this marketplace and I’m with you for 8 years now, but I can see something worrying is going on here. I’m worried about you and all us great designers who are selling here. From the past performance I know it can work better, and now it’s not. From our (sellers) perspective it looks like it’s on the skids and noone from CM doesn’t treat it seriously. Please tell us it’s quite the opposite :pray:


Hey everyone! As the Support team member who helps actively manage our site review pages (including Facebook and TrustPilot reviews) I’d love to chime in here!

First of all, thank you @NewTropical from the bottom of my heart for your thoughtfulness on this topic. It’s really touching to hear how much you care about Creative Market and want to support us on our review sites- and support all of the huge efforts from our hard-working team! :hugs: :heart:

I want to echo what @drew.coffman said about review sites, and also extend thanks to everyone who has left us a review (especially those who jumped in during the last couple of days! :slight_smile:) All reviews - positive and negative alike - help us learn and improve our marketplace, resources, and our service. To echo what Drew said, we have seen that most people don’t make a decision to use Creative Market based on reviews on sites like TrustPilot (though a small percentage do.)

To speak to your third point, @friskweb , it’s always disheartening when a customer leaves a review claiming that we’re a scam or that we cheated the customers. We’re so glad that you said that you can’t believe those kinds of reviews, and I’m very confident that a large percentage of other community members like you use their own good judgment and takes each public review with a grain of salt. As anyone here who has received negative reviews will know, responding to the negative (and defamatory) ones can be especially tough, especially when we know they’re not true. But we definitely take each one seriously and do our best to respond to all of them with the utmost care.

Responding to critical reviews is a fine science that I’ve personally spent a lot of time researching. Often, claims like this come from customers who are deeply upset with the result of their interaction with a specific product on the marketplace, or if they have not carefully reviewed resources available on our site. With this in mind, we do our absolute best to be transparent in our Terms of Service and in our carefully thought out policies so there are no surprises when customers use Creative Market. We’ve created a robust knowledge-base to help our customers answer their frequently asked questions, and we also work with our Shop Owners to make constructive recommendations on the best way to craft descriptive product listings. With that said, unfortunately, many times defamatory reviews come from those who have not taken time to review listing descriptions or the resources we’ve provided in our knowledge base.

While we can provide some clarification in response to reviews like that, there is only so much we can share publicly (for privacy reasons.) Instead, we hope that anyone who stumbles on our reviews will see that our team is responsive and professional. Most reviews are posted after we’ve already personally helped the customer in a support ticket, so there’s more to the story 99% of the time. In the meantime, anyone can visit our site, terms of Service, or Help Center to see for themselves that we’ve worked hard to create a large library of resources to help customers stay informed!

Just a few weeks ago I had a potential customer reach out to me through Instagram and they wrote “I’m reaching out to you here, because I was about to purchase some of your work on Creative Market, but before buying I took a look at the reviews and they were terrible… So I’d like to ask you directly what’s the best way to purchase.” At first, I was surprised and a little confused, did they mean my reviews were bad? But reviews for my products are positive, so I figured they must be referring to the Marketplace reviews. I immediately went to google and like Tom said the first batch of reviews were from Trustpilot and they were terrible. Yikes! I ended up explaining to them that I have only had a really good experience as a seller and as a customer, and that did put them more at ease. But if there is one new customer avoiding purchasing from Creative Market because of reviews, there must be more that are thinking this too.

I also really like the idea of us, who are sellers and customers, and are truly happy with the purchasing experience leaving positive reviews.

I enjoy being a seller and a customer here, I think it is the best marketplace for quality digital products. I’m happy to hear that new efforts are being made to engage with the audience more on the social media channels as the current engagement is low. I’m sure there is always work being done on the back end to make things better and those things take time, but I do wish that Creative Market was more transparent with stuff like this. I would love to get either an occasional seller’s only newsletter with updates on what’s being done behind the scenes, so we are not just wondering and hoping that things are being improved, or a community post with updates. What’s currently in the pipeline. Even things like sharing some stats and explaining how things are improving based on some data. Since sellers are an integral part of this marketplace and we all care about it, I think it would make us feel more included and in the loop. Just a thought.


I’ve been in the creative market since 2012 and it is true, Creative Market is in decline.

In my opinion mainly to two reasons:

  1. New products without sales have almost no visibility and they are “buried” in the search results. Often non related products with a lot of sales appear before relevant products.

Basically new products have little possibility of organic sales no matter the quality of the product.

  1. People are not motivated to do the affiliated program because you only earn an affiliate for new customers. Plus the competition has double affiliate rates. No new affiliate external links means no growth.

Fortunately there is an easy fix:

  1. Give new products more initial visibility on the market place. Especially in the search results.

  2. Affiliates. 15% for new customers and 10% for old customers who are already on Creative Market.


Thanks for your feedback on TrustPilot and the customers you’ve seen impacted. Because of this and other comments in this thread (from @NewTropical, @friskweb, and others) we’re currently working to add a component to certain future emails where we ask customers for TrustPilot reviews. We think we can easily get this score to go up and reach new customers this way! Again, thanks for bringing it to our attention! :slight_smile:


Great to hear Drew! Thank you for looking into this :slightly_smiling_face: I also left my review today from my experience being a customer here. I know there are lots of happy customers and I believe we can all get this score to go up!

Agree. Once in a while, somebody reaches out to me asking how to buy my graphics, avoiding my beloved CM, and every time I’m surprised (to say the least) because it’s such a famous marketplace. They use the word “scam,” but I never knew it could be because of this Trustpilot. Now I remember that we can see this 5-stars Trustpilot review on the homepage of Design Cuts marketplace, for example… so it should be taken under control, and we should have well-deserved 5-stars, too :relaxed: I already left my review.

Also, happy to hear about the social media growing program, too, because yes, it’s not quite helping to see 100 likes on a post like it’s an individual designer’s account and not a huge and successful platform (;


@drew.coffman if you remember about our conversation a year ago or so i told you you buyers are leaving CM and you replied to me that maybe this buyers dont fit in creative market and what it has to offer. That time i was talking to you about sales in print templates and you replied that because of covid the entertainment industry is at hold but i proved to you with numbers that on a competitive marketplace my sales were thriving and still you refused to acknowledge that CM has problem with traffic. A year later that i know for sure the entertainment industry in at full throttle in the US the sales remain the same without new traffic and also all this bad reviews CM has at a whole. I think is time to get out of your CM cocoon and see what is really happening and start accepting that something is wrong here. The sooner you start as CM team realizing that you have to listen to your buyers and sellers the sooner things will start working again. I see a denial on CM part for the last 2 years that everything is fine and CM is growing bigger than ever but the numbers @NewTropical posted stating the exact opposite. A year ago you told me if CM is not fitting my needs is better to go but i am still here waiting to see results for that extra 10% you got from us so illegally overestimating the value CM has and still no results at hand.


Hijacking this thread a little (although it has been discussed here slightly) but I think it would be great to have some proper feedback/insights into how the latest affiliate program is doing too.

I remember in the past @drew.coffman that you mentioned affiliate marketers were happier than ever with the new program but I just can’t see that being true. Is there any numbers to back this up? Anecdotally it seems all of those big, successful Pinterest users and bloggers that would send traffic our way have given up (or certainly don’t push it as hard as they used to) because it’s just not worth their time. These guys had an engaged audience and you could be pretty sure if one of their viewers clicked on a link it would turn into a sale because they were the right audience.

Just getting a percentage from new customers, who have to have signed up in the last 7 days? Crazy really. It just means no one is pushing the existing customer base (which I assume is in the millions?) All so you guys can claw back the few percent that would have gone to those affiliates? I wonder how many missed sales are happening because of this? 100% of zero is still zero.

Maybe I’m wrong on all of this, but some communication (and ideally stats/numbers) to prove this would be appreciated. And not just another ‘all our affiliate marketers are happier than ever’ post because it’s clearly not the case from those we’ve heard from on the forum in the past. Not to mention shop owners clearly aren’t happy.


Hello to all, we’re too experiencing a steady and worrying decline in sales and traffic as so many of you. Not only that but we’ve lost much of our willingness to create new products and invest vast amounts of our time, since those seem to get obscured no matter how hard we try to promote. That’s certainly very sad. We hope things will get better soon. We too love Creative Market and want the best for everyone here.

Please consider leaving a positive review for CM on Trust Pilot, as @NewTropical has suggested. We certainly did. Sometimes something small from our part can have a huge impact and benefit everyone.


Yeah, I chime in here from time to time hoping things pick up the way they used to be a few years back and I can afford to add more products… especially after the “empowering the creators” part turned the other way around.


Seeing the market losing trust on social media doesn’t inspire much confidence either.


This traffic ranking confirms that traffic is on the decline also. Even though this is sad to see, i guess as sellers, we can know that it’s not due to anything we are doing product wise.


Let’s see how the current month will go… the stats are not promising it keeps falling every month :frowning: I hope they do something and things get better for all.

Amazing post! I have been talking to Drew and on forum about post visibility for years. If you don’t get featured in Handpicked section you can really give up on sales on that product. If you don’t end up in a newsletter and most of the products don’t you have been working mostly for nothing!

The handpicked section should feature more works, because there are so many amazing designers and so many amazing products on the market but no-one ever sees them. Handpicked section should be more prominent on the homepage, probably 3 rows instead of 3 items as it is at the moment.

Also, amazing insights @NewTropical and hopefully we can do something to sort all of these issues out @drew.coffman !

Off to leave a review on TrustPilot!

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