I lost my files

Hello! I searched for this topic and couldn’t find an answer, but my dilemma is that my computer died a while back when I was on a hiatus and all my files died with it. I was wondering about a few things. First, is there any way to get them from CM without purchasing them from myself? And second, will this affect my shop negatively? At the time that it happened I didn’t worry much about it because I was on an indefinite hiatus and wasn’t sure if I’d ever be back. Now that I am, I’m just wondering what can be/should be done. If I can’t get them back, then thats fine because I plan on improving and they will no longer be my best work. My only real concern is, will this affect my ability to run this shop in the future? I can’t re-upload them, so I don’t think I could fix any errors that customers might have. Anyone have this happen before?

@alachney You can download your own file from your shop and made changes as well😊

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Omg @Khushbugohil thank you so much. This changes everything. I never knew that was there!

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@alachney Enjoy :grin:

Keep learning :sparkles: