I have situation - my font being copied

Happy New Year, folks! One of my bestseller’s font being ripped off. I contacted the designer, cm support but the designer countered me with words “that he made it from scratch”

here is his product - https://creativemarket.com/Teweka/6681147-THE-WITCHER published in 2021

and here is mine - https://creativemarket.com/VPcreativeshop/3718098-SALE!-Lotus-Eater-Vintage-Font published in 2019

the problem is this font is published on every platform and I wanted to be nice and asked him to drop it everywhere - so I won’t write to every support and make him banned :confused:

how should I proceed ?

Happy new year to you too, it’s annoying to start with trouble. You should contact CM support , your font was published in 2019 and I see he released his font in 2021. It looks exactly like yours in all details. Only a few tiny changes have been made, such as an elongated and an additional A and V. This cannot be a coincidence. This seller has many fonts in his shop, and only the relevant creator/seller can probably recognise his own fonts …no one else is able to detect if the fonts he sells are copies.

yeah I contacted CM support - but I think I will get answer tomorrow. He even copied my wrong flipped Y :smiley: I think I should contact support in other marketplaces as well :confused:

I have had a few of my best sellers copied as well, and honestly, I have not noticed any drop in my sales because of it. just losing out on potential sales. One of my professors is the lawyer for all the biggest type foundries in America, he said if you are selling fonts you should just expect to lose about 30% of your potential profit to people stealing your fonts and selling them.

one time I messaged the seller who stole my font and he removed it, in another instance I messaged, they replied but they did not remove it. I know @NewTropical is super involved in trying to stop copycats and thieves. He might have some resources for you