I have not received payments for the second month!

For the second month in a row I have been denied the withdrawal of income. Creativemarket team, please do something, I need to live for something! At the moment, this is my only source of income, I need this money now, not next month! Last month, it turned out that I didn’t have a new IBAN field filled in, so I fixed it. But this did not give any result. I was not paid my income again. And this happened to both of my shops (le_genda and le-genda), is it an accident? Please, pay me the money this month!

@drew.coffman help me, pllease!!


Hey there @le_genda ! It looks like our payment provider experienced an issue this morning that is impacting payouts for some shops. We are working to resolve the issue — I’ll keep this thread posted with details. We value paying our shop owners quickly, and our team is on it! :slightly_smiling_face:


@drew.coffman Does this have to do with the payment status being deffered? I am also having this issue

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That’s correct @MoonBandit. We’re working to resolve this right now.


@drew.coffman do i need to request a payout again or just wait?

Just wait :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll update this thread if any action needs to be taken by shop owners.

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Superb! Thanks! I will wait then…

I have same problem with deferred payout

Same here! My payout was “deferred” even though I requested it. And it’s well over the minimum? Unless they changed that

Hey @Guerillacraft and @dynamoultima , if you’re seeing ‘deferred’ that is indeed the issue we’re talking about here. We’ve waiting to hear back from our payment provider and are working to resolve it as quickly as possible!


Yeah, same - “deferred”. Thank you for looking into it, @drew.coffman :slight_smile:

Mine isn’t deferred just “pending”

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So this doesnt affect all of us? Just some of us?

Same issue over here… @drew.coffman Deferred status :confused:

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Same Here “Deferred”

Deferred for me too :slightly_frowning_face:

Same here, deferred payout for me too

We’d really like to hear some news. And most importantly, can we hope to get our money this month?

For me, it still pending :frowning:

pending is ok, deferred is bad