I got 1* for nothing

Hi There,

I am very curious, today I have checked and got 1* for my product. The reason is that buyer can’t found the EPS file inside the zipped file. I have checked the file and it’s there. What I should do, any advice?! Can support delete this unfair review? Thanks

p.s btw I have sold this not the first time this product and there were no problem at the previous time

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Yes, @GeorgeKhelashvili support can definitely delete the bad review.

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Thank you, already contacted the

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I had nearly the exact thing happen to me a little over a month ago. Someone who bought a product in my shop that I have sold dozens of times said the file wasn’t working and gave me 1 star without even contacting me. In the end, I think she just didn’t know how to open a zip file on a tablet because it can sometimes be tricky. I ended up sending that person an unzipped version of the file and asking her to take the review down, which she did. You might want to think about contacting the customer to help resolve the issue and ask them to take the review down first before you contact customer support.


Thanks for the advice, I have already done this and she deleted the review without asking, I have sent her drive link and she downloaded everything. Thank you :relaxed:

I have found that having a video explanation of the assets has been the best thing for clearing up confusion about the product. either in the thumbnail or as an mp4 with the download.