I created an entire video and tools to combat Piracy

No where on the internet will you find a video such as this, ( https://youtu.be/68vnj5hUk14 ) which will teach you step by step on how to remove your intellectual property legally from pirated sites. This video is FREE and a must watch if you are helpless as to what to do about your content being pirated.

Some of what’s included is how to search and find them even when they are hiding behind domain privacy and cloud flare.

How to use the cmd prompt to trace users and find their true identity

How to find their email

How to request a take down from their internet service provider and how to find their internet service provider
How to remove them from google search and other search engines
How to report intellectual property, piracy to the FBI and the direct form link
How to revoke theirFree online course on how to deal with Piracy merchant access of paypal and other merchant sites


Super helpful tutorial!!! Outstanding work!!!

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Thank you, developing helpful work flows is what I do.

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Brilliant video!!! Thanks for sharing. Like you I spend way too much time on this, it’s disheartening. It seems these days I spend 50% of the time chasing thieves.

I learnt a few more tricks from watching your video. Thank you again, much appreciated for the effort you put in x

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thank you :heart_eyes::clap::clap::clap: I appreciate you watching the video.

I cant view the video, it says “members only content” :frowning:

Id love to watch this. but is says “members only” can anyone tell me how to watch it?

you have to become a member to view it by subscribing