I am truly surprised that there is no way to search the shop by tags


My shop is growing, I will be adding 3-4 new products every day. I am honestly surprised that there is no way to search my shop by the tags I have added to the products. The shop search engine (the one on the left) only searches by titles. On the right side I have a choice of categories, in fact only one category. Functionality, in my opinion, is zero.

I have a problem with organizing the products. The only thing I can imagine of at the moment is to make an external product listing and add a link to external website at the beginning of the product description. Is this allowed?

Is there any chance to fix/change that?

I also have problems searching for products with keywords. Only the first page shows me the results of my search, then the next page shows me only random hits. Even if I want to search categories the second page is already not what I am actually looking for.

Approx. 1 year ago the shop search also searched through the descriptions, which was very useful. Then some day it stopped and only was searching the titles. actually quite bad for my shop …