Huge drop in sales

Hey! Is anyone else experiencing a HUGE drop in sales this month?


Hey! Complete zero sales.

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Sales have completely flatlined.


Yep, during whole summer sales are dropped. But September is worst :frowning: Btw I think it’s because of that Personal License “disappear”. I have consistent conversion rate like 4-5%, and after that update (when Personal License was moved under More Options modal) it dropped to 2-3% (which is super small rate for me). Customer may be confused with inconsistency of price he/she saw on search result page, and price on detail page. And this overlays on regular summer drop of views. I really don’t know where Creative Market spending our 10% promotion fee? Like I know they have mail advertisements, but in that mails CM promote only top sellers, so why should I be held for 10% and my products don’t advertise at all @drew.coffman?


I got only 1 sale in this month. :frowning:

Wow, this is incredibly bad! I’m sorry there are so many of us going through this.

I’m also concerned about the recent changes in the website and our 10% cut.

I would like to get an answer to why so many sellers are experiencing a huge decline in their profit and how can we help each other in these times @drew.coffman


Yes, unfortunately this month is in decline compared to my usual, after June being the best month I have had on here. Seems a bit more than a normal drop and very sudden, starting in July. Not sure what’s going on with that…


Huge, Huge drop in sales. I don’t know if the reason is that is August, I checked my sales history specifically on August in previous years, and it turns out it’s been my worst month since I started here in CM.
August seems to be slow - summer break maybe?


Not just sales have pretty much stopped, but even views! For the first time ever since opening my shop a few year ago now (when sales flowed pretty much daily) I haven’t had a single like or anything on any of my photos for four days! I don’t know WHAT CM has done, they need to go back to about 5 or 6 years ago before things started to go pear shaped. Unless it’s just me :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


@pred_artem I don’t know whose idea it was to get rid of personal licenses, but it wasn’t a good one I don’t think.


@AndreyKENO No ways! Your work is fantastic!! I’m sorry to hear that!


I am experiencing a big drop in views and sales during last months too. My last 7 products had 0 sales and half of them remained almost invisible for customers. I use proper keywords, try to create on trendy topics and it doesn’t help…
It seems like getting into handpicked section is my only chance to improve the stats, but it is not happening either… a little frustrating, but I am trying to improve and create more…

I noticed that something changed with the ‘similar products’ section. It used to show products that are actually similar in style or at least topic, but now only top popular products are shown… At least that is what I see. Has anyone seen the same thing?


Same here. I recently released 5 new products and only saw two sells from all of those combined. Without any help being staff picked or able to offer any new free goods all of those products I released just dropped to the bottom of the CM’s search ratings. Really hope CM can make some good changes soon.


Hey! I have been in CreativeMarket since 2014 and these last two months I have experienced the biggest drop in sales since I am selling on the platform, it seems very strange to me since it is not something that happened gradually but that from one month to another the sales fell around 50%.

Hopefully things get better and this is just a temporary thing. Wishing the best for everyone! :raised_hands:t4:


@ReneJP Thanks a lot!!! Very pleased to hear.

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I am also concerned about the new appearance of the license selection. I sold most of my products via personal license. My products are wedding monograms which often get bought by wedding couples for their very own wedding – so the personal license fits well.

I know that probably a lot of people are just buying the personal license, even if they use it commercially, and of course this could be a step to create a more legal buying behaviour.

But it’s very confusing to see the low price in overview and then search for that magic price in a hidden place.

Moreover this hidden selection could generate more earnings / revenue per sale – but it could also lead to less sales.

To sum it up: Low earnings is better than no earnings, right? :wink: