How to re-arrange products on my shop!

Hi @drew.coffman I wanted to ask about the option that I think existed to move products and place it anywhere in the shop apart from the move to the top most or move to the bottom most. Has it been removed or could we please get it back. The topmost and bottom most product placement is very limiting when we want to re-arrange our products properly. Thank you again for your help again! I apologies if I´ve missed something and the option is there ;)!


Hi @PrintPatterns check this thread: Dragging shop's thumbnails is not longer possible

Hi @migbruca Thanks a lot! I knew there was a thread with this topic but it seems a bit complicated for me to look for this topic so I just made a new one! Thank you so much, I went through the comments! I do hope they really bring it back so add some alternative for the ease of placing our products in order! Thanks again :)! Regards - Tashi

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@PrintPatterns Yeah that’s useful feature! It’s good they reapply

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@Khushbugohil Yeah totally useful but I don’t know when they are going to put it back!