How to quickly earn $ 10,000 in a month?

How to quickly earn $ 10,000 in a month? What are your ideas about this? Please help me! Share your ideas.

From creative market or overall?


in the CreativeMARKET

@MajesticThemes also interested to know about way or strategy

I do not think there is any quick way to do 10,000 in a month. You need to have a lot of products across a few activities. The beat selling activities are fonts, textures, brushes and Instagram assets. So start making those. If you can drop 2-4 products a month for a year or so that would be good. The products need to be high quality, on trend, and unique enough to stand out. Then become an affiliate and go hard on creating ads for Pinterest make a few ads every day. and make a solid bechance page. Once you have around 30-40 products I could see you doing 10,000 a month.

Also I would use other sites as well you work for them, Etsy, gum road, fontbundles. All those. But CM is defenetly the most profitable as far as effort to income goes. of all the online marketplaces.


I think you’re going into this with the wrong attitude. There is no real way to make 10k a month quickly.

You have to create good quality products, that are original enough to not get lost in the saturated market and most importantly are useful or appealing enough to other designers for them to part with their cash for them.

A product that does all these things might then get you handpicked and ideally in the weekly new product email. This will give your product the kickstart it needs to get sales and depending on the value, quality, and originality of your product this could be 100-1000usd per month. So then you have to do it again. And again and again. Bear in mind, not every product will be a hit. A product you think is the best thing you have created might not resonate with the market and disappear.

I’m not trying to discourage you here, 10k a month can be done and there’s many shops here achieving that, but they all put in the work (and time) to create great products and many of them. None of them managed it quickly.

Maybe there’s someone out there making 10k a month who’s willing to sell their shop and its products. In these cases you’d be looking at paying 30-40x monthly income, so a potential 400k initial outlay. This is the only quick way to do it. I have no idea if this is against Creative Market’s terms of service. It’s also an unrealistic route for 99% of people out there.

Here’s some good posts by seasoned creators offering great tips/advice:


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