How to get a product featured?

Hi - besides having a good product with good presentation images (which I feel like my products fit the bill in that regard) I was wondering if there are any other criteria (ie; amount of sales, number of ‘likes’ received on a product, etc) for getting a product featured?

For example, in the Procreate brush category, new products get listed daily often pushing my products to the second or third page and then I’ll see a newer, similar product to mine get featured. I get this happens but curious if the curators for features are looking beyond the first page or two or do they go just by the recent uploads?

Thanks in advance!


A good product that isn’t a carbon copy of other products on the market, a presentation that shows the product off and shows different use cases and a realistic, fair pricing. This is really all it takes.

The amount of sales/likes has no bearing. I’ve had products handpicked with zero of either.

Maybe the curation team just missed yours. A lot of products are added each day. I think Drew mentioned in the past to send him products you are particularly proud of and he will forward them to the curation team. Not sure if that’s a thing still.

One thing I would mention on yours is maybe the titles could have a bit more impact?


Thanks @StudioAurora for the thoughtful response. My products are good but I know I have room to grow on the presentation aspect, which I continually work on trying to improve as well as finding ways to be unique. When you say ‘titles’ I assume you mean the wording of the product? I’ll definitely work on that as well.

Btw, I checked out your shop and your products are gorgeous! It makes sense when I see products getting featured that are unique and have fantastic presentation images, etc. - or even ones that happen to fit a featured theme - I weigh all those factors in. My confusion was more so when I see similar products to mine in terms of product and presentation get featured because I can only assume, they are newer up on the page?

Although I’m still fairly new on C.M. I have already sold some products - so I’m overall happy. However, like everyone else, I want to drive traffic to my shop so just wanted to know what to work towards (besides the obvious) in terms of getting featured.

Really appreciate your input and I guess it’s back to the drawing board :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Hey @Sofydoll_Designs !
IMO making short video clips with brush demonstration works amazing for procreate add-on creators! You could try to use Instagram Reel, upload youtube videos (which you can also add to your product previews) and make video pins on Pinterest to advertise your products and drive more traffic to your shop.

Hope this helps! Good luck! :beetle:



@ana.yvy those are some great ideas, thank you. I have been using Instagram for a while to drive traffic and more recently Pinterest (I need to up my game on there though). As for videos, I just started with my latest brushset and C.M. makes it very easy to add them to the presentation section. I think I’ll do more of that going forward - hopefully it will help!

Thanks again!


here is another idea based on yours - create a bundle from few families for X price. Announce next font to be added to the bundle and make the price X+5=Y when you add it and announce next font to be added and so on :smiley:


@VPcreativeshop thanks for the suggestion! I don’t make fonts but I believe I could figure something similar for my brushes.

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