How to Design Custom iOS 14 Icons


One of the most highly requested features of all time finally hit Apple devices this year with the release of iOS 14. After many many years of asking, Apple fans finally have the chance to customize their home screens a little more as it is now possible to design or use custom icons for apps and place widgets on your home screen for the first time ever on an Apple device.

This is all achieved through Shortcuts(?) which is Apple’s way to allow you to add a simple task to your home screen which is triggered by a custom icon. One of those tasks that you can create is simply the ability to launch an app. So while this will not be an actual replacement for the official app icons, it is a very handy way to create a secondary shortcut link on your home screen which can launch any app and you can use whatever graphic or image you want for these shortcuts.

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You can check some of our customized ICONS mega bundle by following the link provided below, where we had already customized 4500 icons considering iOS and Android icons both in flat color, glyph and line icons.

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