How to attract people to your shop?

Hey guys! Pls tell me how to increase traffic to shop on CM? :upside_down_face:


Hello. You need to make a couple of ads yourself. Maybe Google Ads or Instagram. If there are no sales, it does not mean that the product is bad, you need to wait. I’ve had it before. That I was adding products and there were no sales at all, maybe for 5 or 6 months. I later gave up on this. And then I went in and saw some shopping there. As well as letters for help. So you never know when you’ll be shopping.


thanks for your answer! :pray:

Hello @MargeArt I would say you need to use social media platforms, such as Instagram and Pinterest
and I know many people also upload tutorial videos on Youtube or even Tik Tok. Adding your portfolio on sites like Behance might drive some traffic. So I suggest you try as many of these as possible :slight_smile:


You don’t need to spend money on ads to be noticed

  1. Try to get in weekly freebies

  2. Try to get handpicked

  3. Share in social media - behance, dribbble, Pinterest, instagram

then your products get noticed by affiliate marketers and they will promote your products for you :slight_smile:


get crazy with the tags - in CM you can use unlimited number :slight_smile:


oh thanks! I use just IG for promotions,but it’s doesn’t work(((

thank you! I will be trying!))

Yes, I confirm. Instagram doesn’t attract people. I don’t spend much time on social media (maybe I’m wrong) and I only sell photos, but in one year on CM I have had 125 visits from social networks and ALL from Pinterest. Zero from IG or FB.


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thanks! I will be trying to use Pinterest now))

How do we get into weekly freebies or bundles tho? I’d love to take part!

Hey everyone, thanks for adding tips to this thread! I love seeing the ways that shop owners expertly work to get their products noticed by customers, and I always love sharing some tips as well!

One thing I want to say is to @VPcreativeshop 's answer: I wouldn’t recommended using an unlimited number of tags. If they’re spammy or if they force you to compete with a large number of products under a single popular tag, that can reduce your search rank on the marketplace. Here’s a thread from our search engineer about how to utilize tags, along with other fields, best!


Affiliates :blue_heart: Which is what i love doing! Im a helper!!


Hello everybody,

I try to post one product every month in order to be active on the shop and to be selected in the Staff Picks helps a lot.
Also I offer many freebies to attract more sales.


Hey @MargeArt I’d say before you are spending too much time on social media or Pinterest, try to make the most of the audience that already is on Creative Market.
Have a look at the first pages of your category to see what is selling the most. These are the things buyers come to for CM, this is what they will buy. Analyze the listings, check what they offer and try to find out why they are in the front positions. Is their product super unique? Does it stand out in another way? Or are they offering a lot of value, as in a bundle?

Then find your own niche, how your products could fit inside the popular listings. Don’t copy stuff, that won’t work. Try to find your spin on it and maybe look out for something that is missing - a special design style, a color palette, a trend? Something like that.

I also agree with @Headfonts! Try to upload new products regularly. With every product you will learn what works and what doesn’t and will attract more visitors in the long run. You will find out what buyers on CM are looking for and get feedback.


thank you so much :pray:

In this thread @ClayStudios seems to have goods results with pinterest ads… (But I have never tried them)…