How to ask for a review

Hello creative people,

Today I want to ask you, how do you proceed with requesting a review from your buyers?

I recently started sending a thank you message, in which I ask about the quality of the product, if they are satisfied with the product and if they are willing to leave a review.

What other techniques have you used?


Creative market sends automatic email 24 hours after purchase :slight_smile:

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@Headfonts I act in the same way as you do. I also offer a discount for the purchase of a second similar product, if the buyer needs it.

I just spent this morning sending a personal message to everyone who has bought a font from me saying like:
thanks for the support, LMK if you have any questions,
if you like it and want to write a review that helps me a lot
also I would love to see what you make with (purchased item) tag me on inta if you post anything with it.

I’ll let you know in a few days if I have any success getting reviews


Did you tried this featured, had some results?

How do you offer this discount, here on Creative Market or on your website?

yes, please let us know how it worked for you and if you had any results.

It hasn’t worked yet, but I’m here recently. I’m making a discount on a product in the store.

so far no I have not had any luck on messaging people and getting reviews. have you been able to find anything that works for you yet?

so far it hasn’t worked for me either, this strategy of sending messages to the customers. But I want to send at least 100 messages to see what the response rate is.

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So update on Reviews. I had a free good selected this week and have gotten a bunch of reviews (12 so far I think) on my shop from it. Most super positive. People are really appreciative of the free offer and like the product. I would totally recommend applying to have some of your stuff up as a free good. If you leverage things right it was also a great way to grow my email list.

@drew.coffman I do have a question about the importance of reviews. Do they help to promote your shop or is it strictly just social proof to give customers confidence?

That’s a great question @ThatThatCreative ! I think it’s a mixture of both. While certainly there are plenty of items that have little to no reviews that still sell very well, a subset of customers likely looks for reviews to ensure that the shop is worth buying from. I would say that it’s more ‘social proof’ than necessity :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the quick response. Good to know

If you have any questions, you can ask them. I will also be happy if you leave a 5-star review!

@ThatThatCreative Hey thanks for the insight - I’m wondering how you were able to use the free good to grow your email list? Thanks!

@AndreyKENO How do you offer a discount?

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I lower the price tag for interested customers and notify them in a message. I create a temporary promotion.

sounds like a lot of work, but a creative way to work around the lack of Promo Codes. :slight_smile:

@StudioAurora in the downloads for my product I had a pdf with a link to my website where I offer them the chance to subscribe to my mailing list.