How do you answer your customers queries?

Hi folks,

I was wondering how everyone deals with repetitive requests in messages? E.g. I have quite a few customers asking about how to change colors in AI files but in PSD (and then on other products vice versa ironically) and for now I sorta just copy paste the same thing from my notes.
Are you more proactive and add a tutorial to the product? Or do you send them a youtube link or something?
Cheers for the help :eyes:


If you have any selling point (now or in the future) on your YouTube, and you indeed get many similar requests, then yes, I’d make my own video on how to do it. Or you could have a reason to want to direct people to your site, then you could write a tutorial.

You could also consider making a short video to accompany the listing on CM since you can add video directly in the listing.

Usually I just direct them to a CM article or Adobe tutorial in a copy pasted customer service message.

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Hey @angelainthefields , this is a good question. What I like to do is create a user guide for my products that are trickier to use and I will typically include that with the product. You don’t need to create a user guide for every product you make. For example, if you make patterns you can use one pattern user guide for all of your patterns. I hope this makes sense.

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