How Creative Market changed my life & what about you?

Hi friends!
Hope you are all healthy and well! Since it’s Saturday and we all sit at home I thought I’ll start a small thread and ask you how you’ve discovered Creative Market and maybe also how it changed your life. Would love to read your stories!

Here’s a small back info from me:
My life really turned upside down after I “discovered” CM. The fun fact was, I visited CM for a long time every Monday to grab the freebies (it was the highlight of my week haha) without even thinking about opening a shop. I think I did it for a whole year or so and I really can’t tell why I’ve never ever thought about making something by myself but I guess I didn’t understand the concept behind it. The months went by and I worked for clients the whole day (and night :woman_technologist:t3:) long and came over on Mondays to grab the cool fancy free stuff (yes, I’m 100% guilty). And than, I think after scrolling through the Marketplace for no particular reason, I stumbled over Nickys video. And at that moment my brain exploded haha. The enlightenment came hard and quick: “WHAT?! you can open a shop? You can do things without a client and make a living from that? What is this? Wonderland?” the rest is history I guess :rofl: now about 4 years later I simply can’t imagine how my life would be without Creative Market. I learned so incredibly much on the way and I developed so many skills by myself. I also developed a new way being creative - or maybe you can say, I went back to the way we where creative as kids, which we often lose through the process of adulting. This also turned me into my current direction which I haven’t planned before. I created a way to unchain my work from deadlines and boundaries and I’ve found so many crazy cool people here who have the same passion as mine! Sometimes I wish I would have discovered Creative Market earlier but on the other hand everything made sense.
All in one I can say Creative Market not only showed me an option beside the “normal work” but also helped me to develop myself as a creative.

What is your story? Did Creative market change your life? And if so, how? Gimme the tea :coffee: I’m ready :nerd_face:

And to bring this thread a bit up I think I will tag some people whose stories I would love to read! @lana_elanor @laramai @SamParrett @StudioDenmark @dailydesignables @firespark @NewTropical @nantia @angelekamp @irenedemetri @Manon.Lef (feel free to tag people too :grimacing: )


That’s awesome! :smiley: And thank you for the tag, so sweet :heart:.

Finding Creative Market helped me bridge the gap between being an artist and being a graphic designer. I have a degree in design, and after graduating I worked as a web coordinator for a local tv station for about two years. Then I had to quit because I was moving to another state and having a baby. :grimacing: I tried keeping “art” and “design” separate because I felt like if I didn’t do some designery things, I’d be wasting my schooling. I opened my first Etsy shop around 2011 to sell some paintings I had done, and saw that people were selling clip art there.

I used to think of clip art as the crappy designs that came with Microsoft Word years ago, but these were painted with watercolor and were illustrative and those shops were so successful. I thought “maybe I could do this” so I started combining my traditional art background with graphic design knowledge and made some graphics and clip art sets.

THEN Creative Market appeared. I didn’t get accepted the first time I applied (lol) but I worked on my graphics and improved them, made some more, and reapplied and got in.
It’s been a great way for me to keep up design skills as well as learning new ones. I love that it’s mostly passive (I still have to make things haha so not entirely passive) and I like thinking about the designs people may have made with graphics they’ve bought from my shop. I keep in mind “usefulness” and “versatility” with all of my graphics, so it makes me happy to see that someone has found value in something I’ve made and it’s helping them in their own creativity. :smiley:


oh wow! so crazy you wasn’t accepted in the first run! I don’t know if I would have found the motivation to try it again since this was the one thing I was afraid of the most: being rejected :sob: I started my shop with a friend back than (she left after a year since she didn’t have enough time) and since my work was all over the place because I’m super chaotic when it comes to have a portfolio, we took her website as a reference which was wedding design and photography. Without her I don’t think I would have been accepted with my chaotic references and would simply crawl under a stone and stay there. More impressive you saw it as motivation and improved your graphics :star_struck: this is real resilience! :open_mouth:


Hello to all colleagues! I am new to Creative Market, my story began with him in May 2020. They accepted me on the second try, but the portfolio on Behance and the assembly of my toons on Shutterstock did their job and I was accepted. KM is the only marketplace on which I have already had tangible sales since 2 months. I want to note that the technical support works well - quickly, there is someone to compare with. KM for me now is the number 1 marketplace.
All great inspiration and of course great sales. Be healthy!


Hey guys! I love reading stories. Since my art & design college years almost 20 years ago I wanted to create graphic design resources and fonts. I don’t know why that was my dream job…
I applied to Shutterstock back in 2005, when I just have quitted my job as a graphic designer in order to move to my home town and start my own graphic design agency. Shutterstock didn’t accept me due to a technicality: my Greek ID card was in Greek and they thought I was a teenager.:face_with_hand_over_mouth:
After 8 years of being a one woman show on my own graphic design agency, I burnt out. (Thank you Greek crisis🙏) I left Greece and moved to Luxembourg to live with the love of my life. I don’t speak French or German or Luxembourgish, so I started making fonts and cliparts.
I applied twice within a day on CM (I was rejected at first attempt @firespark ) At first I was working only a few hours per day so I can recover from my burn out. And now 5 years later, major Greek publishing houses are buying my fonts, major Greek graphic design agencies and advertising companies are winning awards for projects with my fonts and I’m really content with my work/life balance.


Hey there! Of course CM changed my life :smiley: I’ve been freelancer whole my life since I was illegal emigrant in foreign country (without being my fault, but I don’t blame my parents) I didn’t had many options making a living hah and I found CM 3-4 years ago when freelance projects dropped and the market collapsed for me somehow - I was really frustrated. When I joined CM the 1st months was meh, but after that sales went up - I managed to pay all my penalties, come back to my country - set up all the documents, hire awesome people that I feel like a family now and we come up as nice team, taking care of my father. So yeah CM made my story to happy end! Thank you :smiley:



@ana.yvy Ana thank you for starting this topic! As a newbie at CM I’m very curious to hear your stories. @nantia and @VPcreativeshop your stories are so touching I had tears in my eyes reading them. Great job on not giving up and continuing working forward through hard times…So glad for you.
My story is typical I guess, I have a formal education in Graphic design and Interactive graphics, working since 2012, worked as a freelancer, as an employee in Packaging and branding design company, getting disillusioned in graphic design day job work industry I went to freelance illustration, for past 2 years illustrating for magazines, but again there are so many flaws in this industry and client work in general that put my spirits down. I got accepted on CM in 2019, but back then didn’t find time/didn’t have a vision for it. Now I’m back a year and a half later to try again and determined to succeed. I hope CM will change my life. Thank you guys for your stories.


Hello everyone! It is so amazing to read and learn about everyone’s stories here! Thanks @ana.yvy for starting this thread! (really love your work too!)

Creative Market has forever changed my life and I am so grateful to be able to make money and support myself and my son through selling products on this platform.

I actually learned about this platform when one of my good friends from San Diego started telling me about this in 2015 @skyboxcreative - Thanks to my good friend Angelina for inspiring me to push forward and open a shop! She was so instrumental in creating my shop, after being friends in San Diego for years and traveling together, I’m so grateful to come across such creative and innovative friends! And I listened to a lot of her good advice!

I have been a Graphic Designer for over 15 years, a single mom-- I was super burnt out with freelancing with clients over the years and really wanted to have more creative freedom. So stumbling upon Creative Market seriously changed my life in more ways than one. I no longer have to work so hard, I can spend more time with my teenage son and teaching him Graphic Design and just being able to explore being an artist is such a dream come true. I now have more time to just be present.

True story: I got denied 3 times at the end of 2015 and early 2016 when I was trying to open a shop. I didn’t know what kind of shop to open and I didn’t have much sense of direction. I was one of those versatile artists that could draw, I had freelanced illustration with Hasbro Studios, Skechers, and Salesforce as a character designer, so stumbling upon creating tie-dye patterns became my thing.

At the time I was experimenting with creating digital tie-dye patterns for my Society6 shop and trying to find an easy way to create “digital tie-dye” and watching trends online religiously. And so I had a marvelous idea, what if I could make tie-dye Photoshop brushes that anybody could use? And so after 4 years and 7 Tie-Dye Photoshop brush sets and Tie-Dye Procreate Brush sets… I’ve never felt so creatively fulfilled and so grateful that people have found my products useful in their own projects! And opening up a shop has led to other opportunities and commissions that I didn’t think would have been possible if I hadn’t trusted my gut intuition about making Digital Tie-Dye products.

I’m excited about creating more this year and expanding into creating different products.
I hope everyone has an amazing and creative 2021 :heart:


@nantia I love your story! I can relate with being burnt out as a designer. I’m glad that you have a great work life balance now! I’m right there with you, working when I want and taking time for self care so as not to burn out.


Hey @nantia !! My name is Maria and I’m also from Greece. I can understand the difficulty you are describing as I’m still living there and try to make a living. I’m so happy and proud of you that managed to get away from this. The fact that you became successful on top of that is what makes this process even more pleasant and worthy.

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Hi guys,

My name is Maria and live in a small town in Greece. All started when I first got hired in a job that turned out to be a living nightmare. I hated my boss, the workplace, everything…

So, one day I was scrolling through the Internet and bumped into Creative Market. I had already opened a store there in 2017 but it wasn’t a success at that time so I was a bit skeptical on making new products again. On the other hand I wanted so much to leave the job that was responsible for my nightmares so I gave my store in CM a second chance.

I was always a big fan of art. My bookcase is full of famous painters’ collections and historical studies about the psychology of art. I used to work as a freelance photographer on weekends so I was also familiar with good aesthetics from this point of view.

A crazy thought then came to my mind. What if I recreated the painting tools all these masters used in the past and made them compatible with modern graphic design apps? Great idea, but I didn’t know how to draw or design these tools. Then, problem solved when I created a team whose members were professional graphic designers and illustrators. I was myself a photographer so I took over the photography part.

And then success happened! From this day my life changed completely. The 10 sales, went 20 and then 100 and then 1,000 and now I finally had the chance to quit this awful job and live through my sales. I also had the opportunity to meet wonderful people from all over the world, to offer help to customers worldwide, to make their work faster and more satisfying and finally help them be more creative with their artworks after being inspired by the most famous painters in history.

I really love Creative Market and it has indeed changed my life completely!

Thanks for reading my story,


@ana.yvy Thank you for starting this topic, it’s fun to read people’s stories!! Creative Market definitely changed my life. Around 2014 I was selling graphics and digital paper on Etsy, and I found CM when searching for calligraphy fonts (a brand new thing back then :joy:). I thought I was happy with my Etsy shop until that point then I realised that the audience at CM is so much bigger and more skilled, for me it was just the challenge that I needed and my life would look differently today without it! It’s been a wild ride but I’m really glad to still be here with all of you :relaxed:


That’s a beautiful story! As a few creators over here, I was too the one that first launched my WordPress theme shop on Etsy. Since finding Creative Market and launching my shop over here, I’ve discovered a real community of like-minded creators and challenged myself to keep going no matter what! This is a tru gift!


oooh, nice topic!
It took me applying about 4 times before I got accepted into CM - worse than university :joy: I’ve really started to take it seriously during the first lockdown here in the UK and properly invested my time which was greatly repaid.

Now CM is a good chunk of my income and sort of like my testing ground - I try out different styles and products to see what sticks and sells. I produce work much quicker, with more concentrated content of high quality and with less trepidation. It’s basically taught me the ‘trial and error’ ways.
On top of this, I was ‘found’ by a couple of massive companies via my CM shop, which landed me some nice distribution deals (didn’t even know that was a thing before).

P.s.: it’s also a massive bonus that the peeps over at CM are super nice and happy to help. I asked them during a Zoom call how big of a company it is and was super surprised it wasn’t hundreds of employees?!


This is an awesome topic and just want to thank those who shared their story and experience so far. Mine is a bit similar to some stories already posted here. I used CM to purchase assets until one day realized I could open a shop. And so I did.

I did my due diligence and was surprised and excited to see I got accepted on my first try. That was in 2018. Now, I’m steadily increasing in sales yearly and learning so much along the way. My design life has been completely flipped for the better. Feels good to be able to make products that people find useful and invest in. Through CM other opportunities have also come up through licensing and others type of avenues.

All in all I’m thankful for CM and for all other shop owners and customers alike. Through stories and experiences being shared here it keeps me motivated as a creator and humbled to be apart of such a talented community.


Great topic and really inspiring to read everyone’s stories.

My own story, I guess, is very similar, I became a shop owner a number of years after using the site to buy assets once I realised it was possible to do so. I’m not particularly entrepreneurial or business minded and the concept of selling digital products had never occurred to me.

It hasn’t been completely life changing (yet, there is still hope) but it’s definitely been helpful this past year with everything else that’s happened around us.


Love this topic @ana.yvy and all your stories!

Creative Market led me into finally living my designer self :smile: I have always loved design and wanted to become an architect or an interior designer, a fashion designer or at least something that involved creating beautiful things.
Still, I was afraid I was not “creative” enough (I remeber when my arts teacher at school laughed at me when I told her about my ambitions), so I started studying computer science. I went through all the way to a master’s degree and eventually started freelancing as a frontend web developer.
During this time, I discovered how much I loved the design part of this job. It took three more years until I was confident enough that my designs are good enough to turn them into products people would actually buy.
In my first Creative Market shop, I sold WordPress themes (and still do) - and last year I took the leap and finally released my first graphic design products that are not tech related (social media templates).
I discovered that my strength is in building layouts and designing structures, making information easy to grasp and beautiful at the same time.

Creative Market has helped so much on this way as I was able to get great feedback on my work, find customers and connect with people from all around the world - and build my confidence that you don’t need a formal design degree to be a good designer.


Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has shared stories in this thread :sob:

They’re so beautiful!! I’m so glad to learn about the ways that Creative Market has empowered all of you creatively, and am so happy to be working on your behalf :heart:

If anyone else has stories they haven’t shared yet, please do!!


Thanks for sharing your story! My wife and I started selling digital files a couple years ago on Creative Market as well as a few other sites. The extra income we have created has given us much more financial freedom and less stress. We simply don’t know where we would be at with out it. My wife is a graphic designer and has been artist sense she was young. She is very grateful to be able to do what she loves while making a living.



After starting here as a seller I get lot of inspiration ,way,tricks and many more about learning and improving skill and how can I implement those.

So story starts like…

I already selling collection on various marketplaces and etsy as well and by Pinterest I found CM and made target to become seller here.

I got rejected 2 times and I started to improve in my presentation images and display Techniques of project, within some months on Feb 5,2021 guess what??

I got accepted :smiley: :sparkles: I just jumping with happiness and like woaw woaw I seen CM opening of store mail in morning and that day I started working on adding project collection and within that with I got sell or my Yoga Collection and I just like oh you can do it and that give me a boost to work more.

Yeah I am in progress not getting frequently selling so learning about way, trends and what sell on CM analysis and many more I learning from seller sometime I ask directly to seller those are fantastic.

CM like minded community just helpful and kind as well as supportive to each other. I grateful for this platform that give me a space for my collection.

Learning and trying for smooth selling …:slight_smile: