How can I rebrand myself? (Change shop name, URL, etc.)

I have been in the process of re-branding myself away from my actual name.

What happens to my URL if I change my shop name? Will it change as well?
Or should I make a new account and delete this one? Seems tedious having to reapply to sell.
Can I have two accounts?

Hey @TerriKJonesDesigns ! You can reach out to our Support team to change the name of your shop, but existing links you’ve published online on social media or blogs may stop functioning. Let me know if you have any more questions!

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What is the best email to reach out to people on? I am in the process of a total reset, too!

You can reach out at this page: How can we help?

awesome! thanks! i emailed a couple of days ago and haven’t had a response yet! i’ll try that

If you change the shop name, would it affect the search results? I mean, are all the products “reset” and seen as new products by the system, or do they keep their “rank” in the search algorithm?

@swedishpoints Changing a shop name shouldn’t impact our internal search algorithm, but we can’t guarantee it won’t impact outside algorithms like Googles, which we have no control over :slight_smile: