How are your November sales?

I was just wondering how everyone’s sales were doing in November.

I know there’s been a lot of negativity around the site recently with declining sales (happening to me too, partly due to my lack of posting new products) - but November has seen a significant increase in sales for me…I’ve almost made what I made the whole of October.

Wondering what could be the cause of this? Is it just this time of year? Have CM finally sorted out some of the traffic issues?


I am doing very badly in sales this month, so far the worst of all.

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Sales have been getting lower and lower for me each month, and so far, November isn’t looking great either. It’s incredibly disheartening.
I know part of it is because I haven’t released any new products in months, but I’m finally starting to feel a bit motivated again. I posted two new products last week, and I have several more that I’m trying to finish up and release soon.
Hopefully the cyber sale will help generate some more sales this month too.

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It’s very slow, November is not my best moment but it is not over yet, I share my products more on social networks and I try to get more traffic … Black Friday is also coming …

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@MegsLang - same - I have lacked motivation lately (due to my last couple of products not being featured and bombing) and that lack of activity has resulted in lower traffic and sales naturally. That’s why it struck me as odd that I had such an increase in November - with no clear reason behind it. Anyway, I’ll see if it continues into the rest of November and December.


Same here! decline from sort of April and massive increase in Nov. The only difference I notices is an uptick in internal traffic, specifically ‘similar products’. Maybe the algorythm got changed and our products pop up more @StudioAurora?

@angelainthefields - interesting - I wish I had a clear answer but as you can see this is my CM traffic with site search (green) and similar products (yellow) showing a similar downward trajectory since March and with November looking like it will be lower (or at least similar) to October.

I miss those March days - oh CM what did you mess up in your algorithm for me to lose all that traffic?


on my end whatever I do, whatever I release my sales are same every month - doesn’t matter if I have 100 or 200 products :confused: good news is that my personal website is with most sales across all platforms this month ( huge achievement ) :smiley:

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Congrats @VPcreativeshop - I always keep meaning to ask how you managed all that - you should release a tutorial haha

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@StudioAurora dunno really :D, I stopped invest money in marketplaces long ago

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What? :wink: :joy: A desert here…

It’s my worst month ever. No traffic, nearly no sales… :worried:

Yep, slow month so far. My other platforms are a little slower too. November and December are always slower months for me but they are a little extra slow this year compared to last year, and I have still consistently released new products. Perhaps people were doing a lot of digital shopping during covid and that has slowed down now that they are getting out more.

Same here, I experienced a decrease in sales in October and November :slightly_frowning_face:

For me, it is a stable month, with a shopping rate similar to previous months.
@VPcreativeshop how do you promote your website, through what communication channels, or what tools do you use?

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@Headfonts i backlink all my free demos to the website ( it brings me about 700 views monthly ) my seo managed to make 1,5k views just from google search. Facebook, behave and IG together are bad - about 200 views monthly - we will focus on that next months :grin: conversation rate is 5-6% ( in CM i have just 1,5%)


Oh wow, congratulations on everything you do, your numbers are very impressive.
One more question for you @VPcreativeshop , do you use the newsletter as a promotion tool. and if so, how does this work for you?

@Headfonts yeah, I am using mailchimp - not happy with the results so far :smiley: I am paying $60 monthly at point - I guess I need more dedicated fans

More and more you tempt me to start my own website. I think we discussed this before, I think you mentioned you paid your SEO specialist by percentage of sales? I guess that’s a great way to make sure they try to do a good job. Where did you find them and was it easy to come to an agreement like that?

Also when you mention backlinking your free demos to your website what do you mean by that? Essentially you will give free trials of your fonts to websites that post those type of products with a link to your website in the description of the product? Sounds like a great idea - any websites you do this with that you could recommend?

All your help is much appreciated :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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@VPcreativeshop Excited to know how you reach to those, put your backlink :smiley:?