Here's my workspace and rig, what about yours?

So, let’s just say I am a man from 2017 with astonishing productivity rig, R5 1500x + RX 570 4G + B350M + LPX 16G 2666. This old beauty was upgraded in September 2020 from RX 550 and LPX 8G 2666, so she is at its balance performance right now. My next goal to upgrade her should be in 2021, but never mind, it could be anytime since any video card prices goes up and up and crazy. What about yours, fellow designers?

Love this post! It makes me happy to see different people’s setups. I appreciate the boba tea on your desk! What’s your flavor of choice?

Here’s my setup:

Looking forward to seeing the desks of others!


My work station is also my gaming station haha.


digging the aesthetic :ok_hand:

Thanks @drew.coffman … Great atmosphere on your workspace. So much green than mine. Look like I need to replace my artificial plant soon. And… chocolate anyway! Since I have a peptic ulcer last year, tea and coffee are restricted :relieved:

Two seats… you have a friend. Good for human being, then. My workspace just fit for one person right now, me as one-man operator. Need to scaling the studio but, just not yet.

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My wife works next to me. We both work from home.

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Wow, great for both of you then! My wife stays around me as well, but we don’t share specialty.

Oh I love seeing other people’s spaces, here’s mine.


That’s so clean workspace. Yeah, wireless mean 10/10 for cable management :wink:

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Hello everyone, this is my temporary workspace.


Bomb, what kind of equipment do you have, but I just have a laptop, I don’t have enough money to buy something more unfortunately

I am happy to work from home. It is always a pleasure to wake up, make breakfast, drink a cup of coffee and start working.


Love that shelving unit you have above the desk! Makes the entire space look so clean and organized!



@ART_PASHKOVA loooove the wallpaper

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You guys put my workspace to shame!!! How do you manage to conceal all of your wires?! Any tips would be appreciated! Absolutely loving the wallpaper too @ART_PASHKOVA ! :slight_smile:

Not one of the OP’s from this thread but here are some advice :slight_smile:

  • Using lots of velcro cable ties to keep cables grouped together (I find velcro ties better than zip ties because they’re easier to undo if you need to move cables around or rearrange stuff). I use them to group the cables coming out of the PC for the most part.
  • I use a power strip with holes on the sides that is attached to the underside of the desk with screws (I have tried double sided tape but the power strip always ended up falling down after a while, especially when you have to plug/unplug devices regularly). All the devices used on the desk and the PC are plugged to the power strip.
  • USB hub on the desk for the mouse and keyboard (and occasional other USB devices such as hard drives) - plugged to a male to female usb cable extension to the back of the PC. Useful if your cables aren’t long enough and you want to make the desk look cleaner!
  • To route cables under the desk: either cable channels, or adhesive cable clips, these are useful to avoid cables hanging down
  • Using wireless peripherals; mouse and keyboard (main downside is the battery in some cases, but for the mouse I mostly use a Logitech MX Master and the battery lasts for weeks before I have to recharge it.
  • Also cable racks are great (I use the SIGNUM rack from Ikea), it’s attached to the underside of the desk and I put all the cables and power bricks there so they aren’t touching the floor).
  • If you use an external monitor, a good thing so save space on the desk is to use a monitor arm. These usually come with cable management solutions to hide the cables a bit better.

Some people drill holes in the walls to hide the cables or other things like that but I don’t have the patience or motivation to do that haha. I like to have the cables off the floor but other than that I think it’s perfectly fine if a few cables are visible :slight_smile:
Hope this helps!


Oh my goodness this is SOOOO helpful - thank you so much @MiksKS !! Love the idea of velcro ties instead of cable ties. Think I might invest in that wireless mouse you mentioned too. I used to have a wireless mouse a few years back but the battery died so quickly so I just gave up on it but the one you use sounds amazing. Thank you again! :slight_smile:

Glad it was helpful! You’re welcome :slight_smile: