Here is my sales stat... What is yours?

Here is an interesting statistic.
Since June we see a downtrend in sales.
You may say, ok your products are not relevant anymore BUT I promote your products.
Yes, yes, this is ONLY an affiliate statistic AND my stats (clickthroughs) are the same.
The same amount of traffic and less amount of sales each month.
Why do you think this happens?
Screenshot 2021-10-25 124829


I sell ‘evergreen’ items (not sure how to call it), the asset which does not depend on the certain season to sell well. Started in Oct 2015 with a drastic increase in sales in April 2018. Not sure what happen recently, but my sales for March 2021 suddenly back to point I got in March 2018.

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This is my sales stats from last year

And this is my earnings for same period

Basically I noticed that sales and views are going down, and I believe it caused by same reason my earnings grows a bit in last month - CM raised minimum prices. So I’m not sure how I feel about it. Will see what will happen in longer perspective.

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