Help with template iPhone 11 Pro - 20 Mockups Scenes by Asylab

I am trying to use the iPhone 11 Pro - 20 Mockups Scenes (by Asylab) template I purchased yesterday.

I duplicated the Left-hand view so I had two copies of this screen. I then double-clicked on the PSB layer called REPLACE THIS screen which opens it as a PSB file. I then replaced it with my own iPhone screen.

When I save that PSB both of the Left-hand iPhone screens are updated. I need each to be unique and can’t figure out how to do that. See attached.

Can anyone help me?



Hi Mitch,
To get two different images in each Smart Objects, you can do the following:

  • Select one of the Smart Object layers, right click on it and choose “New smart object via copy”.
  • Then, you can delete the original smart layer, and use the copied one to paste your second image.

This will prevent the data from both smart objects to be linked.

Hope this helps!

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