Have CM made modifications to the Notifications Section?

Is something wrong with the Notification section? It looks like the CSS didn´t load. It’s been like that for a couple of days. Is CM updating it?. I can´t see designer’s avatar, some images load, others don´t. Notification are left aligned, their time is right aligned with a lot of empty space between them… Hoping is a bug.

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Hey @migbruca! We recently made some changes to our backend that resulted in this page looking visually different, and our design team is now working on making it more readable. Change is on the way :slight_smile:

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Hey @drew.coffman,

Things remain the same. On top of that, the Shop to Follow section is not working as before: I can´t click on any of the suggested designers. Before, you could hover a particular designer´s name and a cool pop up will show you a bit of info that was helpful in order to decide to follow or not.
The announcements section has gone crazy, why the giant images? is there a point? I use glasses but they are just too much