Got rejected the second time - Please give advice and feedback

Hello everyone! I recently got rejected for the second time in applying to open up a shop, which is a bit disheartening, but the thing that caught my interest is the wording they used in my rejection e-mail :

Thank you for your interest in Creative Market and for taking the time to apply to open a shop. You’re very talented! Unfortunately, we don’t currently don’t have categories for the types of items you want to sell (e.g. video, audio, physical goods, art prints). If we have enough demand for products like yours in the future, we’ll consider adding the appropriate categories to our marketplace.

If your intention wasn’t to sell one of these types of items, we suggest adjusting your presentation to clarify which kinds of products you’d like to sell. Clearly showing how your products can be used as digital assets will be your best chance for success.

The thing is, I’m selling digital seamless pattern, so I really don’t understand how my products doesn’t fit their criteria? because I’ve seen a lot of seamless patterns in CM. Am I layout-ing them wrong that they don’t seem like digital products?

Here is my store in gumroad and here is my portfolio in Behance, I would appreciate it if anyone can help me out

Thank you so much

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That’s very odd. It seems as if their feedback doesn’t apply to your shop.
If I go to your Gumroad shop it’s very clear to me that you are selling digital patterns and not physical items.


I’m not sure that your application is being rejected because of what they said. IMO your preview images are not up to par and the design work is overly simplistic and probably not unique, complex or diverse enough for the marketplace. I would do some research about other shops that are selling patterns and see how they present their work. The main image should be especially attractive. You should also buy some professional fonts and practice combining them to make your headings/text areas look more elevated. The designs are cute but a little simple. You can clearly create adorable patterns but I think it’s just a matter of having more to show and showing them off in a better way. Maybe having a theme and selling them together as a set, for example.


Hi @VanessaAdam - welcome to the forums.

I think you design some cute patterns but maybe add some other elements to make them more intricate or add variations of the patterns so you’re offering more than one in the set. Also, like the others have mentioned, you can work on your presentation images. When I looked at your portfolio I notice you do show the patterns on items such as gift wrap, totes etc. (which is good). Maybe make your main image reflect some of that.

I happen to like the way this seller shows their work as the presentation is very rich and clean.

I think if you just work on those things you’ll get a feel for what looks good and then you can reapply.

Good luck!


that’s what I was thinking too :sweat_smile:

I see, thank you for the advice!

I see! Thank you very much for the advice and help! :blush:

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I agree that the style and aesthetics might not be the perfect fit for CM but that’s not really clear from the feedback you received. They could have worded it differently.


Hmmm something feels off - think it’s a mistake. Maybe try contacting them through the help page?

Also a quick tip for applying: prepare like a ‘proposal’ of 2/3 new products and do previews for those like you would for CM. This directly shows them what you would be uploading to your shop and a clear image of what you do.
I do surface design & patterns as well. Got rejected 4 times until I swapped my portfolio for a proposal - and then I got approved in like two days :joy:
Hope this helps & good luck!

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@angelainthefields hey! Thanks for the advice, how do you tell the staff that those ‘proposal’ are the one you would sell on CM?

I agree with @Sofydoll_Designs If you for example made ‘sets’ of patterns, say a spooky Halloween pack that had tour pumpkin and ghost and a few others (I would say 6 or so patterns in each), or a set of plant illustration patterns it might have more of a chance. Always worth varying the way you present them too…you can show the patterns being used in different ways to really show how useful and versatile they can be. Hopefully that helps. Maybe you can include the illustration as a separate graphic too like illustration packs? Maximise the use from your hard work :slight_smile:

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I see! Thankyou for the advice :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: