Generate discounts - increase views

Hello together,
I’m pretty new here and, apart from creating new products, I’m trying to understand how to better use Creative Market and generate more views in order to sell.

Is it possible to create discounts? I can’t find anything like this in the dashboard or in the community. I apologize if I overseen something but I would really appreciate if someone could help me forward.



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Hi, Elena :slight_smile: I was wondering the same thing myself (new here too).

During the last Spring sale the corrections of pricing, sale duration, etc. were done manually by the seller.
It would be great if this could be automated, so that we don’t need to think about the exact date and time that we need to edit these back (time zones add some extra confusion :slight_smile: ).

Maybe someone else could shed more light on this?

Hi Polydraw, thank you for your reply. So, how have you done it until now? Have you just reduced the price of your product? How is it dysplaied on creativemarket? Is there a “discount banner” or something like that?

I haven’t done it so far. What I can see from other sellers who announce individual discounts is, there is nothing different as to how the product is displayed on CM. The system does not display the old price or the discount duration - if you want these visible, you’ll have to add it to the product description as text (and edit back after sale end).

You can then publish announcement about the discount (visible for your followers) where they can read about it, but once they click and open your product it looks just as usual (no indication added by the system).

Or maybe I am missing something, would be nice if there is a more straightforward way for it.


@ElenaCavion @Polydraw Her we have to change price individual products and add that price in discription and then announced to your followers so other can see that you are running sale…

There is a no other way to one click sale running

It may be, to keep CM platform for perticular constant value of price in market.

That also benefit for seller as well as some Standard level presentation of prices

I have seen some thumbnails that are designed to look like they have a sale banner or sticker on them. I have not tried that myself but it is an option. Probably the best option, if you want to rely on sale as 99% of people browsing, will only see the thumbnail and not the description.

I have tried running sales on my product and adding it to the description but have not seen a difference in sales from it. I think your time is better spent elsewhere and relying on discounts on CM is not a great strategy as there is no boost in visibility for discounted items.

Your time would be better spent researching the top-selling products on CM and figuring out how you can put your unique twist on a similar product that will stand out and be in line with what is selling well. It is a difficult thing to get the hang of but once you do it’s worth it.

My advice for a new shop would be to offer your listings as free goods. That is what really jumpstarted my visibility and helped my shop take off.

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@ElenaCavion I just checked out your shop and website. patterns like the ones on your shop typically do not sell well on CM, However, brushes for photoshop and procreate and the like do sell. if you made a few products of watercolor brushes and textures that may be your best be to selling on CM.

Best of luck

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@ThatThatCreative, @Khushbugohil Thanks for your comments on this.

Yes, relying on discounts might not do the work per se, yet it might help a bit. Although with the current system - good luck announcing sales if you are in the beginning, with a handful of followers :))

Editing thumbnails is indeed an option, though I still think it would be great if such ‘sale’ modifications were automated and searchable / filterable, etc. This might get more people ‘hooked’ on CM to check for price fluctuations and make this place more dynamic, I think.

Anyway, might try free goods as well and of course, definitely agree on the reach-top-level point.

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@Polydraw your welcome and keep it up✨Yes I agree with @ThatThatCreative for thumbnail.

Thank you everybody for your support! I’m trying to increase traffic by optimizing the SEO… let’s see if it’s good for something.
I wish you all a wonderful day!