Full Earnings Balance hasn't been withdrawn

In the Payouts section the full earnings balance hasn’t been withdrawn as it should be at the 1st day of every month. Also in the payout history the status is still Pending and not Processing. Is that a new bug?


Same here. Still waiting for the payouts turning into processing.

Same here… The status is still “pending”…

Same. But those delays started to be quite often I’d say

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Me too! I really don’t need any delays this month. It’s been dead everywhere.

@PhotographyLogos @fontense @ClaudioF @Corrella I contacted support earlier and told me that the engineers are dealing with the bug and money will be sent to us in 5-7 business days. :+1:


Hey there, just wanted to confirm what @Digi_Life said in her last message. Though we’re experiencing an issue, all payouts will be send in a normal timely manner :slight_smile:


Same here :slight_smile: just leaving note here to see updates

same here, having the same issue.

Hi @drew.coffman ,

great to hear that :slightly_smiling_face:


Same situation here, just leaving a note for getting update!!

Mine just changed from Pending to Processing!


just to follow up on this, payments should be processed for all at this point!

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Hi @drew.coffman . The payment always went to the paypal account on the 5th of the month, but today is July 6th and the payment was never received. Should I be worried?


I believe its 5-7 business days… since 1 july fall on thursday i think all is good

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Just saw this thread, glad to get notified about this.

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