Free Goods Pending Status

Just a quick question about free goods. I’ve had a listing up for offer on free goods for about a month now. I get it that it takes a while for someone to look at it due to so many people offering them, but how will I know if it was declined as a free good? Right now it says pending, but will it say something else if CM rejects it? How do I know when to give up on it and try something else?

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Hi @alachney. I posted the same question about two weeks ago as I have too some free goods submitted and no response yet. I understand CM receives tons of free good submissions on a daily basis and it might take a while to check all of them but eventually, everyone will get a response (either positive or negative). I’ve let my products on the waiting list and hope for the best :slight_smile:


Hi - I had a freebie submitted for a a few months that just said ‘pending’. A few weeks ago I added a second product for a freebie then I got an email last week saying it got selected as one of this week’s freebies - so if one of your products gets chosen, you should get an email from C.M.

I would keep up what you have and perhaps add another one as they could select either one at anytime :slight_smile:

What did you do with the first one that didnt get selected? Did you leave it up?

Yes, it’s still up. I’m just going to leave it there for now.

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