Free download option is not shown for Monday freebies


As I got CM mail for Monday freebies but when I click on and redirect to CM (from my email) there is add to cart option is available :thinking:

And then I check for all freebies same add to cart option is there which is generally as free download option…

I also check from CM website freebies not seen freebies on aug 9 Monday

Is it same for others? Or it’s on my side only


The freebies page only shows last week’s freebies for me as well.

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@thewritingandstyle then it may be bug I think…
because I open that in another browser also

Yep - I’ve just opened the Monday download email and CM haven’t updated this weeks freebies.
I was looking for an email I could report the error to - but I can’t find any contact details at all!?


It might be affect seller as they submitted there freebie and also buyer side that it’s freebie email and still shown add to cart…

Isn’t it?:thinking:

It’s the same for me too. Email and download products are different

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Sorry about that everyone — the Free Goods bug has been fixed! :slight_smile:


@drew.coffman Thank you for solving :relaxed: