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Hey guys,

I try to keep it short :slight_smile: I searched on the internet in several typography forums but still couldn’t find an answer to my question… I’m still developing further my first font.

The question: Are overlapping shapes a general problem?

My dev process:

  1. Creating paths in Illustrator with the Width Tool and then converted it to shapes:

  2. Copy the shapes in Ai and pasting in my Font Software (BirdFont):

  3. I used the exported the OTF files in Illustrator / InDesign & Co. Then I printed it on my Canon Office printer and got a big surprise:

So is this something that happens often? Should I have merged all the shapes with pathfinder before? In order to make the font 100% safe?

Thanks for your answers in advance!

Im not familiar with your software but it sounds like using pathfinder to merge all shapes will fix this.

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Do you have a path section in your font software? Correct path direction?

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Thanks for your answers. :blush:

Actually I know a few ways how to correct this. It is just really time consuming, so I wanted to know if I necessarily have to correct this or if it‘s just a minor issue in my printer driver or something like this.

Thanks, Florian

Any chance you can use another font software? Glyphs app has a “remove overlap” option on export which should definitely fix your issue, as far as I know you can just open any .otf into glyphs app. I would imagine there has to be another workaround with the software you’re using. Just look for “remove overlap” or “correct path direction”

Thank you all for your answers.

So, to sum it up: Yes, overlapping areas are bad, lead to errors and have to be avoided.

I‘m already in contact with the developer of BirdFont and if it doesn‘t work within that, I‘ll make it in Illustator and reimport the afftected glyphs again.

Opening final font files in Glyphs App (or font creation software in general): Is this really possible? Opening them, editing and re-exporting again? I didn‘t know that, but it sounds useful! Thank you for that tip!

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