Following a free Good

Hey, I was selected to have a free good next Monday and I am wondering if anybody has found some good strategies to keep the momentum going after? Open to any sugestions.

Hey Mate,
Make sure you have a link in the free good description to your other products or even better put a link in a PDF that comes in the zip file


Hey mate, I just curious about your strategy! Did you put the link to all products or just particular products? Thanks!

Just my most popular products, best chance to get a sale out of it.


Awesome, thanks for the great tips!

@NewTropical this is a good idea, can you tell us if it brought you new sales?

thanks for the feedback. I was also able to collect a lot of email by attatching a PDF in the download with a link to my website where I offer an additional free good in exchange for an email. I’ll Let you all know how effective sending out an email just before a drop another product is.

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I was only making sale of a single item ( one font per perchase,) but i added a thumbnail with tree of my other fonts that are similar to the product and I instantly started to get order with 2 fonts and saw that the fonts I included on the thumbnails where selling more.

And where did you add these products, in a pdf file that is downloaded with the purchased font?

I have a website were i made a page to dowload the good. It looked like this.

Hey, I wonder how long does it takes confirmation? I applied to free goods today but I’m still waiting. :roll_eyes:

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Free goods doesn’t happen within a day, since there is a waiting list of others for the free goods. It usually is couple of weeks, at least that was my experience with my previous shop.


thank you for your information :cherry_blossom:

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