Everything started well

Everything started well before the sale, I regularly received $ 100 every month. Now sales are at zero. This and for the summer? Or do many people have this?

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@MajesticThemes 30$ Maximum! Per month.

I’m super new here and haven’t sold a single piece yet (my fault, if I’d add products my chances are higher :wink: ) But being a store owner for digital scrapbooking products since 2008 I can say that summer is usually slower. People spend more time outside, are on vacation etc.
It’s actually the perfect time to make new products, polish e.g. your Instagram profile and think about what you wanna do in fall/winter :slight_smile:

I trully want to believe it’s because of summer vacations. Last summer due to pandemic situation everybody stayed at homes, so this summer we all went to vacations with double effort :slight_smile: … I want to believe…

Thank you for your advice I would like you to earn a lot of money too) I have another question such as how do you collect subscribers in the Creative Market I have about 6 followerrs

The beat way to gain followers is try and get a free good. That is how I got my first 100 followers and since then the followers trickle in about one a day